Arizona Gaming Authority Announces Final Rules for Sports Betting

Tucson, Arizona (KOLD News 13)-Sports betting is getting closer and closer to its start in Arizona. On Monday, July 26, the Arizona Gaming Authority announced the final rules for event betting and fantasy sports.

The Arizona Gaming Authority said fantasy sports betting is likely to begin on August 28, and betting on the event will begin on September 9 in time for the NFL’s opening round.

“It only brings something that the Arizonas were looking forward to,” said Ted Vogt, director of the Arizona Games Department. “It’s great in terms of being mobile.”

People are allowed to place bets via the mobile app. Out-of-state gamblers are not allowed to participate, as the state has stated that developers and operators must have a geofence. This is the same technology used for scooters around the University of Arizona.

However, on the mobile side, Rick Benson, founder and director of the Algamus Recovery Center, is concerned. As a former problematic gambler, he said it used to be difficult to go to a casino in Nevada, but now you can pocket gambling.

“What we know from studies that are widespread throughout the United States is that the more forms of gambling we offer to the public, the higher the rate of addiction and the higher the rate of problems,” Benson said. Says.

Laws and new rules require gambling contest providers to offer self-exclusion options to assist those who may have problems with their gambling tendencies. Still, the ministry said it would bring revenue to the state.

“It’s an industry. It will bring more income to states that can go to education, state parks, etc.,” Vogt said. “So it’s really a boom for taxpayers here in Arizona.”

The rules submitted to the Secretary of State’s office allow 10 additional limited-use licenses in addition to the 20 event betting licenses split between tribes and professional sports teams. Currently, all applications support these, but it can cost an operator about $ 1 million to get started. The deadline for operators to apply for these licenses is August 9.

If there are too many qualified applicants, the state has eight days to make a decision after considering the overall vision, good condition, financial stability, and more. The final rule also states that one person cannot have multiple profiles and that ads must target a crowd of 21 or more.

“We actually took years to see other states go first and learn from them,” Vogt said.

If all goes according to plan, Arizonas can start betting next month. To see the complete list of rules and timeline click here..

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Arizona Gaming Authority Announces Final Rules for Sports Betting

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