Apple releases long-awaited iOS update to limit tracking by advertisers

Apple offers millions of iPhone users a choice. Either allow Facebook or other apps running on Apple’s iOS platform to track your phone or online activity, or stop tracking altogether.

What do you choose?

Apple’s new iPhone software, iOS 14.5, will be available next week, the company announced Tuesday.Major for updates privacy Function called App tracking transparencyThis requires the app to request permissions before collecting user or device data.Specifically, it will be changed by updating Advertiser identifier (IDFA) is a unique random number assigned to each iPhone that allows advertisers and developers to track user behavior such as app usage and web browsing. IDFA is often used to personalize ads.

Apple has also released software updates for other devices such as iPads, Apple Watches, Mac computers, and Apple TVs. Apple will host an event on Tuesday to announce product updates, and the software will be available later this week.

An Apple spokeswoman said the new privacy feature was developed to “provide transparency and allow users to choose whether to track data.” Apple requires all developers to follow the new policy, but does not require software manufacturers to update immediately.

Why Facebook Opposes

Facebook, Google and other big tech companies are dissatisfied with this change.

Facebook in December Full page ads A New York Times article claiming that changes in user tracking in iOS 14.5 will have a negative impact on small businesses. “[T]The average small business advertiser will lose more than 60% on sales for every dollar spent, “said a Facebook ad.

A Facebook spokeswoman didn’t provide details about the 60% loss for small businesses, Facebook blog posts and videos It claims that Apple’s update will allow developers to make up for lost revenue from in-app purchases.

“This will allow businesses to look to subscriptions and other in-app payments to make money, which means Apple will make a profit and many free services will start billing or leave the market. You have to, “said the blog post. Facebook used to Alerted advertiser That ad network can be “disabled” with Apple’s products..

Google has no plans to make similar changes to the Android operating system. For mobile OS, GPS ADID This allows Android advertisers to personalize their ads. The current version of Android also requires a one-time user permission to allow the app to access the location, camera, and microphone of the smartphone.

A spokeswoman for Alphabet-owned company told CBS News, “We are always working with developers to raise the bar for privacy while at the same time looking for ways to achieve a healthy, ad-backed app ecosystem. I am doing it. ”

Apple iPhone software adds privacy features


Benefits of privacy

The Google Chrome web browser will start restricting or deleting data. Share with third-party tracking cookies By early 2022, according to a spokeswoman for the company. Instead of tracking individuals, Google will allow targeted advertising to groups of users with similar interests. Criticized..

Apple’s update is “the biggest improvement in digital privacy in the history of the Internet and will bring Facebook to its knees,” said Jason Kinto, privacy advocate and CEO of the advertising industry. He said. Digital Content Next, Said By tweet.

AdWeek, an industry magazine for the advertising industry, Recently investigated Many small business advertisers have reported that “no one knows” what to expect from iOS changes.

Other experts are more aggressive. Apple’s policy is fair to both advertisers and consumers, said technology analyst Rene Ritchie. “It’s good for consumers, but not bad for advertisers. When you think about consumers, [advertisers] Having free access to our data forever has almost built up the right to own who we are and what we are doing online, “he told CBS News.

According to Ritchie, consumers have the right to protect their privacy and share their mobile phones and browsing data. “This is our data. [advertisers] They are willing to spend all this money, accumulate and analyze it, but we still own it, “he said.

Apple releases long-awaited iOS update to limit tracking by advertisers

Source link Apple releases long-awaited iOS update to limit tracking by advertisers

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