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Washington (AP) — Next month’s key UN climate change negotiations may fail to meet the global goal of reducing coal, gas and oil emissions, says US climate envoy John Kelly. So far, some of the world’s largest polluters have not been able to act fast enough.

In an interview with the Associate Press, Kelly said the United States, the European Union, Japan and others will significantly reduce climate-destroying fossil fuel emissions over the past year prior to negotiations in Glasgow, Scotland. He said he promised that. From the Kelly and Biden administrations. He expressed his hope that a sufficient number of countries would participate in the coming years. “By the end of Glasgow, we know who has a fair share and who doesn’t,” he said.

Kelly also aims to regain leadership in climate change as the Biden administration seeks to regain leadership in climate change, so the implications of a Democratic majority US parliament failing to pass a bill on important actions by the United States itself to combat climate change. Also talked about. “It’s like President Trump withdrawing from the Paris Agreement again,” Kelly said.

Kelly spoke to AP in a corridor meeting room from his office in the State Department on Wednesday, the corridor above it is still eerily shy to the coronavirus pandemic people. Kelly’s comment is a nine-month intensive flight, phone and computer screen aimed at identifying the commitment of the most global action on climate possible prior to the United Nations Climate Summit on October 31 in Scotland. I came after climate diplomacy.

Kelly plans a final suspension in Mexico and Saudi Arabia to further the last-minute pledge before holding a two-week meeting in Glasgow. “There are still a lot of things we come across with transoms, and that determines our overall position,” Kelly said.

Kelly’s overseas efforts, along with President Joe Biden’s multi-billion dollar legislation and promises to support cleaner combustion energy at home, after President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Agreement. It was brought.

Kelly rejected a proposal that aimed to lower expectations for the summit. This is the deadline for announcing how hard countries are working to switch their economies from pollution to cleaner burning, but it is not final. Kelly et al. Early on the Glasgow Summit as a “last, best” to reduce emissions, invest in renewable energy, and gain momentum to enable less wealthy countries to switch from dirty coal and oil. I claimed it as a “chance”. It is in time to limit global warming to 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit (1.5 degrees Celsius).

Scientists warn that the damage is irreversible and is heading towards catastrophic levels without significant reductions in emissions.

When it comes to bridging the gap between the cuts promised by the country and the cuts needed, “We hopefully get very close to it … there are gaps … but we have to be honest about the gaps. We have to, and we use the gap as a further motivation to keep accelerating as fast as possible, “Kelly said Wednesday.

Meanwhile, he argued that investing in the development of cleaner technologies such as battery storage would spur progress that would make it easier for lagging countries to catch up.

UN officials who briefed reporters individually on Wednesday were also not as inspiring as international leaders often had before on the expected outcomes of Glasgow. Subject to anonymity to discuss this issue, authorities have taken some work to reach the international goal of reducing emissions by 45% by 2030 by the end of Glasgow’s climate negotiations. I left the door open that I might not be able to do it. Officials emphasized that the Paris Agreement allows countries to submit stronger oaths at any time.

Critically, Kelly’s repeated trips to China and diplomatic efforts by other countries have renewed China’s promise to stop funding overseas coal-fired power plants last month, but its major climate. The player failed to win the promise of faster emission reductions. China’s enthusiasm for dirty coal-fired power at home and abroad has helped make China the world’s largest current climate pollutant. China under President Xi Jinping has shown no interest in being considered to follow US leadership in terms of climate and other aspects.

Kelly refused to pick China by name, one of the reasons Glasgow wasn’t as successful as it used to be. However, a surprising announcement by China remains a possibility.

“It would be great if everyone came and hit the 1.5 degree mark now,” he said. “That’s great, but in some countries there isn’t yet an energy mix that makes it possible.”

For Biden at home, the problem is the composition of the members. So far, the president’s own party hold has blocked the multi-billion dollar climate law of the kind of government needed to fulfill the US commitment to cut emissions by at least half by 2030. doing.

Kelly was asked how the struggle of the government to fulfill its own climate change promises would affect his work to mobilize climate change measures abroad: “Well, that’s it. It hurts. “

“I’m not going to pretend that it’s the best way to send the best message, that is, we need to do these things,” he said.

Kelly added that the optimistic Congress would step up. “I don’t know what it will look like or what legislation will be enacted, but I believe we will act responsibly,” he said.

AP science writer Seth Borenstein contributed from Washington.


This story has removed false references to a world warming nearly twice Fahrenheit since the Paris Agreement in 2015. Warming has been occurring since the mid-19th century.

AP Interview: Kelly states that the world has not reached its climate goals | WGN Radio 720

Source link AP Interview: Kelly states that the world has not reached its climate goals | WGN Radio 720

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