AP Exclusive: State Attorney General Investigating Texas Attorney General

Dallas (AP) — Texas Bar Association’s Unsuccessful Efforts by State Attorney General Ken Paxton to Overturn the 2020 Presidential Election Based on False Allegations of Fraud Equivalent to Professional Misconduct I am investigating whether or not.

Texas lawyers initially refused to accept Democratic activists’ complaints that Paxton’s appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to prevent Joe Biden’s victory was frivolous and unethical. The court, which oversees the complaint, overturned the decision at the end of last month and ordered the court to investigate the charges against Democratic officials.

The investigation is yet another responsibility for the attorney general in distress, facing long-standing criminal cases, another new FBI investigation, and major Republican opponents trying to create hate for various controversial elections. It also made Paxton one of the most well-known lawyers facing professional backlash about their role in Donald Trump’s efforts to outlaw Donald Trump’s defeat.

A spokeswoman for the Attorney General’s office did not respond to requests for comment. Defendant Paxton’s defense counsel Philip Hilder declined to comment.

Kevin Moran, 71-year-old president of the Galveston Island Democratic Party, shared his dissatisfaction with the Associated Press, along with a letter from a Texas lawyer confirming the investigation and the Disciplinary Appeals Commission. Paxton’s efforts to dismiss the election results were a wasteful embarrassment that the Secretary of Justice should lose his legal license.

“He wanted to deprive voters of the other four states of their right to vote,” Moran said. “It’s just crazy”

Texas Supreme Appeals lawyers usually dispute state proceedings in the US Supreme Court, but do not join Paxton, especially when filing election proceedings. The High Court dismissed it.

According to a June 3 letter from the court, Paxton responded to Moran’s allegation that the proceedings in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin were misleading and malicious. Less than a month. In November, all four states voted for Mr. Weiden.

From there, the bar staff will take up the case in a procedure similar to the grand jury stage of a criminal investigation. Attorney investigators are empowered to ask witnesses, conduct hearings, issue subpoenas, and determine if an attorney has committed misconduct. As a result, disciplinary proceedings that ultimately lead to disciplinary dismissal, suspension, or reduced punishment are initiated. Lawyers can also turn out to be doing nothing wrong.

The court dismisses thousands of complaints each year, and the Disciplinary Appeals Commission, 12 independent lawyers appointed by the Texas Supreme Court, overwhelmingly supports these decisions. According to the Bar Association’s annual report, Moran’s complaint-like reversals occurred less than 7% of last year.

A spokeswoman for the judicial scrivener and lawyer Claire Reynolds said state law prohibits the agency from commenting on complaints unless, as a result, there are public sanctions or court complaints.

Bar investigations are confidential and can take several months. However, as Paxton and Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush vie for the support of the former president in the 2022 Republican primary, Paxton’s confrontational defense against Trump regains attention. There is.

On the Democratic side, former Galveston mayor Joe Jawaski has said he can run. Moran said Jawolski was a friend but was not involved in the complaint against Paxton.

Paxton’s election challenge was full of claims that couldn’t withstand basic scrutiny. Other magistrates and state election officials argued that fraudulent voting was widespread, and Mr. Trump himself. The Justice Department found no evidence of fraud that could change election outcomes.

Nonetheless, Paxton’s proceedings were politically and financially from Trump supporters when many of the state’s Republicans moved away from the prosecutor’s chief due to new allegations of criminal misconduct. Obtained support.

Last fall, eight of Paxton’s top lawmakers accused Paxton of absurd rebellion and abusing his job to serve wealthy donors. The FBI is investigating their claims.

Paxton has denied fraud and has been acquitted of state securities fraud cases that have stagnated since 2015. He also used his job in a way that would benefit allies and other donors.

A new criminal allegation has left the best lawyer from Paxton’s office. However, Under Secretary of Justice Kyle Hawkins was still the highest lawyer in Texas at the time of the proceedings.

The Secretary of Justice usually handles the case in the US Supreme Court, but it was a Washington, DC-based private lawyer who challenged Paxton in the election. Hawkin Chas then moved on to private practice. A spokeswoman for his company said, “We can’t help you,” when asked why he didn’t file a proceeding.

AP Exclusive: State Attorney General Investigating Texas Attorney General

Source link AP Exclusive: State Attorney General Investigating Texas Attorney General

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