AOC: Regaining world respect requires climate change, not words. WGN Radio 720

US Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez will speak at an event at the US Climate Action Center at the COP26 United Nations Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland, on Tuesday, November 9, 2021. The United Nations Climate Summit in Glasgow presents a vision to meet in Scotland’s largest cities around the world to tackle the common challenge of global warming. (AP Photo / Alastair Grant)

Glasgow, Scotland (AP) — The Democratic Parliamentary delegation, led by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to the United Nations Climate Negotiations in Glasgow, Scotland, conveys the message of the Biden administration. The United States is returning to the global climatic stage.

But one member of the delegation, Congressman’s most prominent climate activist, Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, added a warning on Tuesday: the United States still has to support the word in action.

Ocasio Cortez said at the summit panel on Tuesday, in a panel with other young Democrats who joined Congress in 2018 on a much larger platform that emphasizes the United States, “to gain international respect and credibility. You really have to take action. ” Climate initiatives. Ocasio Cortez was answering the question of whether the United States has regained its global position in the fight against climate change.

Former President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the 2015 Paris Agreement. President Joe Biden rejoined Coordinated Universal Time this year as one of his first inauguration actions. But Biden has so far failed to obtain a $ 555 billion climate bill, the largest climate initiative to reduce U.S. emissions from climate-destroying fossil fuels, passed by Congress. bottom.

“We need to reduce emissions to recognize our work on climate change. It’s really easy,” said Ocasio Cortez.

Pelosi has come to the midpoint of climate negotiations in Glasgow. She leads a considerable Democratic delegation, along with 21 other members, including five House Commissioners.

Pelosi is one of several parliamentary delegations that participated in climate change negotiations. This includes a mixed Democratic and Republican delegation and a group of all Republicans who are former strangers to the Trump administration’s climate change, who want to curb global warming but are less regulated. included.

Biden adopted the phrase “America is back” when Trump revived his back-to-back international alliance and negotiations and jumped into a global effort to stop the full-scale climate crisis. bottom. Democrats frequently used Biden’s slogan on Tuesday.

However, Biden has the most democratic majority in the US Senate. This allowed two Democratic senators to thwart the bill, the largest investment in US history for cleaner energy.

Parliamentary holdouts have forced Pelosi to brag about Biden’s key climate change efforts in the future.

“Our parliamentary delegation … is coming here again with the most ambitious and consequential developments in the climate bill,” Peroshi said at another press conference at the summit on Tuesday.

Mr. Pelosi said the Biden administration’s move to reduce U.S. methane emissions (a powerful source of climate damage leaking from natural gas facilities, oil fields, farms and landfills) has made a non-binding methane pledge in more than 100 countries. He said it helped him to participate.

This is one of several climate initiatives that Biden is pursuing and does not require parliamentary voting, but could be overturned by future administrations.

Ocasio Cortez admitted that Biden fought a high-stakes battle to enact climate legislation through Congress, but future U.S. climate action will include grassroots supporters, workers and marginal communities. She said she wanted to benefit and create jobs.

“We’re not just back. We’re not,” said Ocasio Cortez.

She also sent a message to young activists who are pressing the government to reduce fossil fuel pollution, which has a negative impact on the climate. Push it. ‘”


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AOC: Regaining world respect requires climate change, not words. WGN Radio 720

Source link AOC: Regaining world respect requires climate change, not words. WGN Radio 720

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