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Charleston, West Virginia (AP) — “Women’s Choice”, the sign is declared in bold pink letters. However, despite promising abortion information and free pregnancy tests, the Charleston, West Virginia facility is designed to keep women facing unwanted pregnancies away from abortion options.

It will be much easier, as the US Supreme Court has ruled that states like West Virginia could make abortion illegal.

It is one of the hundreds of so-called crisis pregnancy centers nationwide aimed at discouraging women from seeking abortion. Facilities that have been repeatedly accused of deceiving women for their true purpose are expected to exert even greater influence in states where the number of clinics canceling abortion appointments is currently declining. ..

Religiously affiliated abortion prevention centers are often prenatal or birth to uninsured women, unlike clinics that offer abortions that are not licensed medical facilities and are subject to strict government regulations. We do not provide medical services such as later care or other healthcare. And patient privacy law. There may be nurses as staff or volunteers.

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“Basically, these centers look around and say,” Our service is more than ever because there are so many pregnant people who need support during pregnancy, especially unintended pregnancies. Will be needed, “says Andrea Swalzen Drover.Professor of Public Health, University of Georgia Helped to map the location of centers across the country..

Immediately after the Supreme Court’s ruling on Friday, West Virginia’s only abortion clinic announced that it would suspend abortion services, but continues to provide contraception, sexually transmitted disease treatment and other services.

The Charleston Anti-Abortion Center itself has been called the Women’s Choice Pregnancy Resource Center and has been next to the Abortion Clinic for years. People who do it say their work remains the same. They continue to offer childcare and health classes, counseling “women who regret past abortion decisions and want to find comfort from guilt and sadness,” and “facts about the risk of abortion-physical.” And psychologically both. For related press.

The board also stated that staff need to complete training that emphasizes the importance of the client’s “right to be respected regardless of decision”.

At a next-door clinic called the Women’s Health Center in West Virginia, Managing Director Katie Kinones is skeptical of such statements. She repeatedly saw patients trying to end their pregnancy being invited to an anti-abortion center and being warned about the dangers of abortion. Some who found their way to her office shared a pamphlet declaring that “abortion causes new problems that can plague women for the rest of her life.”

One of the titles “Abortion-Life Without Regrets” shows a crying woman on the cover, showing “risk of abortion” such as “suicidal ideation”, “death”, “cervical weakness”.

Kinones said he was worried about dozens of patients whose abortion appointments were canceled after the Supreme Court’s ruling.

“I’m very worried. They might think that there may be another provider or state that has an abortion. Why not call it” Women’s Choice “in Charleston? Then they make a reservation and go there. Because they lied to a fake clinic that said, “Yes, we can provide care to you.” “

Now that the Roe v. Wade case has been overturned, anti-abortion centers are mostly moms about their plans, but experts say they are likely to double their efforts to convince women not to end their pregnancy. increase. Logistics favors them because many women do not have a legal option for abortion without leaving the state.

The center is expanding in all states with the support of wealthy conservative donors, strong state legislators and religious groups.They also received Tens of millions of dollars tax Infused into them by conservative state leaders.

Left-wing states have shown a willingness to regulate how centers promote their services.last year Connecticut banned them From using “deceptive advertising” for the services they provide.

I had connecticut 18 clinics Provided abortion as of 2018. There are also about 20 pregnancy crisis centers.

“I think it’s more important than ever for women to have access to medically accurate information as we move into this new world and move on to the next stage,” said the Democratic Party, which sponsored the Connecticut bill. Rep. Jillian Gilchrest said.

“The last thing we want is for women to be in a place they believe to be a clinic just to receive false information about their choices.”

Nationally, crisis pregnancy centers outnumber abortion clinics by more than 3: 1 in 2021 reports from The Alliance: State Advocates for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Republican-led states. Can be much more. There are about 2,500 centers nationwide, but less than 800 abortion clinics.

In Missouri, which has only one abortion clinic, Swartzendruber and his colleagues identified nearly 70 abortion centers in 2021. The situation is similar in North Dakota, where at least seven centers were operated last year and the state’s only abortion clinic was located. Now that the Roe v. Wade case has been overturned, it is relocating.

With 30 centers in Mississippi, the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the plaintiff in a court battle filed in the Supreme Court, was the only provider of abortion services.

These three states are one of the thirteen states with the so-called trigger law, which banned most abortions after Law overthrown. There is no trigger law in West Virginia, but there is an older law for books that were shelved while Law was in place.

“I think the states with the Trigger Act will continue to fund or increase funding for crisis pregnancy centers and pass new legislation that will make them even more prominent,” said Swartzendruber.

Earlier this month, anti-abortion leaders called on the church to support a local crisis pregnancy center.

“We believe that the church has an unprecedented opportunity and can really make a big difference in a hurry,” said Human, a national anti-abortion group that frequently coaches pregnant women. Dean Nelson, Vice President of Government Relations at the Canadian Independent Record Production Association, said. It seeks information from the center online and operates its own minority.

Some centers offer financial counseling, free diapers and food pantry to mothers after childbirth. By expanding and strengthening the center’s network, advocates of anti-abortion want women to understand that they have resources and options.

It involves reproductive advocates who are worried that women who are unexpectedly pregnant and longing for help may end up in a place they intended to deceive without an authorized abortion provider. Earlier this year, the Center for Countering Digital Hate, an internet surveillance group, announced Release report One-tenth of Google’s searches for abortion services in states with triggers led people to the center.

Amanda Phage says it happened to her in 2014 while searching for information about the only abortion clinic in Mississippi. Instead, she found a list of what turned out to be Jackson’s Crisis Pregnancy Center.

“I went for an appointment, and they kept me there all day and hurt me. They gave me a pregnancy test, and they told me,” I We wouldn’t be able to recommend you an abortion service, “she said. To end it. “

By the time she found the abortion clinic, she said she had decided on her own that she was too far away to do the procedure. She is now raising her 7-year-old son happily.

In West Virginia, the Charleston Abortion Clinic has a row of hedges that obstruct the view of the next building to reduce confusion. In front of the sign, “Warning: The building behind this sign is a contraceptive, contraceptive, crisis pregnancy center. It is not affiliated with the Women’s Health Center.”

“You can’t pretend to be a medical facility and you shouldn’t just lie to the patient,” Kinones said.

Kruesi reported from Nashville, Tennessee. The Associated Press writer Emily Wagster Pettus contributed from Jackson, Mississippi.

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Anti-abortion center grows and exerts greater influence after Roe v. Wade | Health & Fitness

Source link Anti-abortion center grows and exerts greater influence after Roe v. Wade | Health & Fitness

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