Another Los Angeles-Nordstrom area robbed by multiple looters-deadline

Yet another smash and grab for strings robbery so Los Angeles-range Nordstrom It was done tonight.The Westfield Topanga Mall store in Canoga Park was attacked around 7 pm

ABC7 and KCAL9 reported that a group of at least five men (one wearing an orange wig) entered the store, stole 7-8 wallets, then escaped from the scene and left the scene. I jumped into a new model, the gray Ford Mustang. ..

The guards were sprayed with pepper during the robbery and taken to the hospital for treatment, but no further details were immediately available.

The robbery occurred two days after a similar mass robbery by at least 20 mobs at the Nordstrom store in Globe. The robbery suspect fled the scene in at least four cars. After the chase, three people were arrested in South Los Angeles. Officers recovered some clothing, at least one cash register and gloves from the vehicle.

The incident followed a similar large-scale robbery at the Nordstrom store in the San Francisco area on Saturday, allegedly involving 80 people. In addition, a series of incidents occurred on Friday night at Union Square in San Francisco. According to CNN SF Police Chief Bill Scott, the hit businesses included Louis Vuitton, Burberry, jewelry stores, Bloomingdales, Walgreens, cannabis pharmacies, and eyeglass stores.

Also, early Sunday morning, the windows on Louis Vuitton and Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills were destroyed. according to “We saw multiple suspects traveling in multiple vehicles, and they went down to that location and tried to use a hammer to break through the front window,” the Times reported. The thief did not break into the store and nothing was taken. , According to the police.

At around 9:45 pm on Monday, six suspects entered the CVS pharmacy on South Vermont Avenue, South Vermont Avenue, in South LA, and stole three cash registers for about $ 8,500, according to Los Angeles Police Department officer Drake Madison. Received cash. It was unclear if the same suspect later targeted Globe.

City News Service contributed to this report.

Another Los Angeles-Nordstrom area robbed by multiple looters-deadline

Source link Another Los Angeles-Nordstrom area robbed by multiple looters-deadline

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