Angry Birds 2 paves the way for Huawei AppGallery

Reach Angry Bird 2 It’s even bigger with Huawei’s integration into the App Gallery. It’s no exaggeration to say that this latest addition also benefits Huawei in a way. This is because AppGallery is more likely to be introduced to more international viewers.

As a background, the first angry Birds Released in 2009, it was initially available on iOS. When ported to Android, it helped focus on mobile as a potential gaming platform.on the other hand Angry Bird 2 The twelfth in the series, it takes the franchise to new heights. Unlike the first game, the sequel now offers players multi-level levels.

Angry Bird 2 Is Rovio’s first game listed in the App Gallery.However angry Birds The movie has long been available on Huawei videos. To support game integration, Huawei has launched a wide range of promotions along with activities on social channels.

In addition to playing games, Huawei users can customize their phones using Huawei themes. In the future, if you have a Huawei smartwatch and band, Angry Bird 2..

so statementHuawei’s Derek Yu said it continues to develop partnerships with some of the leading game developers around the world. He added that these partnerships would like to build a user-based exposure while giving trust among different studios and developers.

Meanwhile, Rovio’s Miikka Lindgren has been integrated into the App Gallery. Angry Bird 2 Now available to more players. Lindgren went on to say that their mission is to always create joy, and when the game reaches new audiences, they are more than happy.

Rovio is usually angry Birds Franchises, they are developing other games like Needed for speed carbon For mobile.

Huawei will continue to work with registered developers to bring new content to the platform. AppGallery details Here..

Angry Birds 2 paves the way for Huawei AppGallery

Source link Angry Birds 2 paves the way for Huawei AppGallery

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