Amazon Web Services employs more than 20,000 people: roles and salaries

  • Amazon’s cloud unit employs more than 20,000 people. The insider disassembled what it was looking for.
  • Insiders also found what these roles could pay by matching salaries from visa data with recruitment.
  • This work reveals that AWS has a large staff of engineers, IT services, and solutions architects.
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Amazon’s cloud business is a leader in the cloud computing industry, reporting last week’s quarterly results that it is now large. $ 59 billion annual business..

But to maintain that advantage, Amazon Web Services needs talent An increasingly competitive market for people with cloud skills. Cloud Titan currently employs 20,004 people to support its business as of Friday afternoon. Unique job page..

Insiders looked at open positions around the world to understand the top areas AWS employs and the priorities of cloud units (although many are offered remotely). Reflects a larger trend) – When How much do those jobs pay on a basic salary..

Based on how AWS classifies positions on job pages, AWS’s most sought after areas are software engineering with nearly 5,500 jobs, professional services with more than 4,000 jobs, and solution architects with more than 1,500 jobs. And finally sales and marketing. Combine with over 1,200 jobs.

Also, while Amazon usually does not provide salary expectations at the time of opening, US companies apply for an H-1B work visa on behalf of “highly skilled” current or future foreign workers. You need to disclose your salary information.

In particular, the data does not take into account additional compensation such as cash bonuses and stock incentives that can make up a significant portion of an employee’s total wage package. Each salary also varies from location to location, as shown below.

Insider reviewed earlier 236 H-1B Visa Amazon’s cloud unit applied from January to June of this year to rarely confirm the amount paid to software developers, data scientists, marketers, sales reps, business analysts, etc. did. Insiders then cross-referenced AWS job listings with that data to determine what some of these roles could pay on a base salary. According to that data, AWS’s most paid employees can earn as much as $ 185,000.

An AWS spokesperson said in a statement to the insider: It will be needed in the future and pushes the boundaries of what cloud computing can do. “

Here’s a quick look at the over 20,000 jobs AWS currently employs around the world and the amount you might pay on a base salary.

Amazon Web Services employs more than 20,000 people: roles and salaries

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