All game subscriptions for free games and how they work

It’s a difficult time now, and many people are struggling financially. Video games are the cheapest hobby ever, and subscription services are becoming the norm for most media content, but most people can’t afford to subscribe to all of them. Therefore, game subscription services need to be competitive and attractive, and many do this by offering free games and loosening transactions.

Generally different Game subscriptions such as PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold It will attract a diverse audience, and the best service depends heavily on individual needs. Brand loyalty, game options, and recommended playing methods are all factors in choosing the right subscription service, but an overview of all subscription services that offer free games and their costs. It is shown below.

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PlayStation Plus

Free PlayStation Plus Games July 2021

subscribe PlayStation Plus includes access to free games 2-3 times a month, Available at any time of the month and can be played as long as the subscription is active. You can access PlayStation Plus from PS3, PS4, PS5, and PS Vita. In addition to this, PlayStation Plus subscribers with PlayStation 5 will have access to the PS Plus collection, which is a free play collection of some of the clearest games of the PS4 era. It also includes a number of discounts, but importantly, this service is required to play online via the PlayStation Network. The cost of the subscription is $ 59.99 per year or $ 9.99 per month.

PlayStation Now is a streaming service This provides access to older PlayStation games, especially allowing players to play these games on their PC. The prices for PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now are the same, but the services are unique.

Xbox game pass

Xbox game pass game departing in July 2021

Like the PlayStation, Xbox offers two subscription services, both at a bundled price. Xbox Live Gold includes 3-4 free rotation games each month, Xbox game pass Contains a catalog of hundreds of games that are updated regularly. These services can be paid individually, but the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes both, and online multiplayer requires Xbox Live. The Xbox Game Pass offers a variety of tiers and prices, and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is currently priced at $ 14.99 USD per month.

Nintendo Switch Online

Update feature switch online trailer snapshot

As Switch continues to set new sales records, Nintendo Switch Online will give Switch players access to services similar to PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold, enabling online play. The service also includes a catalog of games that you can play for free. Usually, some new properties may be added to the retro title. Nintendo Online Catalog Update available games in a bundle at a time, $ 19.99 / year, $ 3.99 / month, or $ 34.99 / year for family members with up to 8 Nintendo Account holders.

Amazon Prime Games

Formerly known as Twitch Prime, Amazon Prime Gaming proves that: Amazon is increasingly interested in hunting down the gaming market.. The big advantage of this service is that it is included in your Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription at no additional cost. The service offers some in-game items and a free monthly Twitch subscription, in addition to free monthly games available for a limited time. Amazon Prime subscriptions that include this service cost $ 12.99 USD per month or $ 119 USD per year.

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EA Play

ea play logo in game

EA Play is available on a variety of platforms, but you must choose one when signing up for membership (currently there are no cross-platform subscriptions). Formerly known as Origin Access, the service provides access to over 90 free games. Protia with additional benefits, Discounts and early access etc. This service costs $ 4.99 per month, or $ 29.99 per year for standard membership.

Ubisoft +

Ubisoftplus reward system trailer image

Ubisoft +, a Ubisoft subscription service, is only available on PCs, but Ubisoft fans have access to over 100 of the company’s titles.addition Benefits of Ubisoft + Includes monthly rewards. This increases as someone subscribes for longer. These rewards are in-game items for various Ubisoft games, and the service costs $ 14.99 USD per month.

Humble choice

Humble bundle red logo on gray background

Humble Choice is a subscription service provided by. Humble bundleAny fan of free games will want to know. The subscription service has different membership hierarchies, and the lowest tier package gives you access to HumbleTrove, a library of about 100 games. The top tiers offer all-store discounts and free monthly games, and the premium level includes 9 months of free games and basic service 3. Premium Tier is $ 20 USD per month, Basic is $ 15 per month, and lite is $ 5 per month. Sign-up discounts in many cases. Unlike other services, Humble Choice allows users to actually own the free games they get each month.

Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass

Google Play Pass Logo Leak

For gamers interested in apps and mobile games Apple Arcade has a catalog of about 180 games.. In addition, this subscription removes one of the biggest drawbacks of app games: in-game ads and purchases. The monthly fee is $ 4.99.

Google Play Pass also removes in-game ads and purchases. This is the biggest selling point of these two services, as many app games are already free. Google Play pass You can also access hundreds of titles and claims each month to update your selections. With similar prices of $ 4.99 per month or $ 29.99 per year, these two services are very similar and the decision really depends on the game choice and preferred device.

Free games without subscription

Spectacular game saves sky background

If you think the monthly or annual fees for the above services are still too high, there are many other online gaming services that offer free games without the need for a subscription. The Humble Bundle above also offers some of the best bundle packages that gamers can pay for what they want to own without a subscription. This still costs money, but it’s hard to complain about getting a game worth hundreds of dollars for just a dollar. The usual, Humble Bundles supports certain charities, And the game developer agree to include the title. Therefore, it usually includes indie games.

Steam, GOG, Epic games store,, etc. regularly offer free games or affordable game bundles, and you don’t need a subscription to play. Again, these are often indie games rather than AAA titles. Today, subscription services seem to be a step forward for most content producers, but many aren’t fans of digital content.

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