Alec Baldwin’s movie “Sabi” Wraps Production as Police Investigation Set-Deadline

NS rust The production team has released a letter to the crew Alec Baldwin “We have decided to wrap the set, at least until the investigation is complete,” said tonight’s feature.

This memo is issued when the Sheriff’s Office in Santa Fe is conducting a search warrant for Bonanza Creek Ranch in New Mexico after a prop gun fired by Baldwin killed the cinematographer. Harina Hutchins Injured the movie director Joel Sousa On the shoulder.

Thursday night Deadline was first reported That rust Production was suspended for an “uncertain period”.

“That’s why we’re working through when you can pick up your personal items. You should expect an update to tomorrow’s wrapout schedule,” he said. rust Tonight’s production. The Sheriff’s Office in Santa Fe held a press conference on Wednesday, providing details of the “active and open investigation ongoing” case.

Letter from rust In tonight’s production, “Our heart is with you all, as we all have experienced this tragic era and mourn the death of our colleague and dear friend Harina Hutchins.” Please read.

“We are a family and we must stand beside each other, just as families do in difficult times. We are in close contact with Harina’s family and cannot be expressed in words. We commend their strength in the face of the tragedy, which is beyond inspiration, “he continued, emphasizing that the production is conducting its own internal research.

The production emphasized that it makes direct and virtual grief counselors available to the crew 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The memo from the production says, “We will donate to the Harina Hutchins Scholarship Fund, which was established by the Harina family. We will match the donations from the crew.”

An affidavit from the sheriff’s office on Friday states that Assistant Director David Halls grabbed one of the three prop guns set by armorer Hannah Giteres (Lead). Halls took the gun to Baldwin and shouted, “Cold gun.” Detective Joel Kano reported that the rehearsal scene occurred after lunch when he was injured and Hutchins was shot in the center, and took place in a church building.

Read the survey. “Actor Alec Baldwin was sitting in a wooden pew facing south towards the camera and crew. Joel said during the rehearsal that actor Alec Baldwin cross-drawn his weapons and cameraed the revolver. He said he needed to point it at the lens. Soza remembers hearing the word “cold gun.”

According to Mr. Soza at the beginning of the report, “everyone was on good terms” and “as far as he knew, there was no quarrel” on the day of shooting.

Detective Kano also spoke with cameraman Reed Russell, who is working on the film. He elaborated on a heavy work day that began late as the six members went out of the film because they “have problems with payment and housing-related production.” Russell also told Kano that the camera crew in the film wrote a letter to the production about the disagreement.

In the wake of Thursday’s tragedy, the Sheriff’s Office of Santa Fe is not only investigating the tragic case, but also penalizing civil accidents for workplace accidents even if law enforcement agencies determine that no crime has occurred. There is also a New Mexico Occupational Safety and Health Administration that can be imposed.

“The case is still in the preliminary investigation stage,” said Mary Carmack Altwis, New Mexico’s Supreme Prosecutor, First Judiciary District Attorney, on Friday. I don’t know. We will investigate all the facts and evidence of the case very carefully and will get more information later. “

Alec Baldwin’s movie “Sabi” Wraps Production as Police Investigation Set-Deadline

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