Alec Baldwin calls police for “rusty” deadly shooting investigation – deadline

A few weeks after the search warrant was issued Alec BaldwinMobile phone, rust Stars gave police equipment for their investigation into deadly shootings Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins In New Mexico last October.

The iPhone, which the Sheriff’s Office of Santa Fe asked to determine what really happened at the Bonanza Creek Ranch Set in Indie Western, was handed over to Suffolk Country Police in New York near the residence of the Multi-Emmy Award winner. It was done.

Baldwin’s iPhone was delivered to Suffolk County authorities today after many times back and forth on Christmas holidays with some of the actor’s phone’s private content at the Santa Fe DA office. Also, because they have the password needed to unlock the phone, Empire State police and other law enforcement agencies say it is “related information” before the device is sent to the enchantment’s land. Examine the damaged device.

“Alec voluntarily called the authorities this morning to allow him to complete the investigation,” said actor lawyer Aaron Dyer. Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP’s lawyer went to the state. “Alec didn’t do anything wrong. It’s clear that he was told it was a cold weapon and was following the instructions when this tragic accident happened. The real question that needs to be answered. Is how the live round came to the set in the first place. “

Officials at the Suffolk County Police Department were “no comment” today as to whether they had a phone because the investigation was under the main jurisdiction of Santa Fe law enforcement. The Sheriff’s Office in Santa Fe did not respond to a request for comment from Deadline regarding the status of a very valuable phone.

Even if it’s almost a month late December 16 search warrant Approved by a New Mexico judge, the media talkative Baldwin himself declared his right to privacy on Instagram on January 8th. “The suggestion that I don’t follow my phone’s request, order, request, or search warrant is bullshit and it’s a lie,” the actor added.

Baldwin claimed he had never triggered while practicing the “quickdraw” move during a rehearsal at the movie’s church location, killing DP Hutchins on October 21 and last director. Injured Joel Souza. Baldwin was interviewed by the Sheriff’s Office in Santa Fe shortly after the shooting. He was released without any conditions or restrictions.

No one has been arrested or prosecuted for this issue, despite the fact that civil proceedings have begun to pile up and investigations continue into how the live round took place on the troubled $ 7 million budget movie set. Not.

Previous search warrant carried out by Santa Fe police rust The set found many weapons and According to Sheriff Adan Mendoza, “500 rounds of ammunition … blanks, a combination of dummy ammunition, and what we suspect is live ammunition.”

Alec Baldwin calls police for “rusty” deadly shooting investigation – deadline

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