Akiva Goldsman Signs TFC Administration – Deadline

Exclusive: Prolific film and television screenwriter-producer-director Akiva Goldsman And a photo of his weed road TFC managementA boutique illuminated management company launched in 2020 by David Stone of WME and Ben Jacobson of UTA.

Oscar Winner Goldsman has four series currently on air, which he creates / co-creates and is executive-produced. Star Trek: A strange new worldIts first season is currently running, and Star Trek: Picard, Apple TV +, whose second season was released earlier this year Crowded roomProduction started, HBO Max’s Titan, Shooting the 4th season.Goldsman will also executive produce the next series An amazing adventure of Cavalier and Clay.

“We rarely find great partners. We are very fortunate to connect with David,” Goldsman said. “The collaborative TFC is a multiplier of power for us at WeedRoad Pictures. We are excited about the prospects we can achieve together.”

Goldsman feature writing credits include: Beautiful mindAwarded him an Oscar, Client, Batman Forever, When Killing, Practical Magic, Cinderella Man, I’m Legend, Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, Rebels, and Me, Robots..Future features are: Brilliance, Major Matt MasonAnd the sequel I am Legend.

On television, Goldsman was also a writer, director and producer. fringe When underground..Under his Weed Road Pictures banner, Goldsman created DDeep blue sea, Constantine, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Hancock, no repentance, map to tomorrow, back to Outback, When Ignition tool. Future feature creation includes: Billion dollar spy, cute encounter, When Shrews nest.

“Akihabara is a unique talent. It’s a really great creator and filmmaker, producer, talent magnet, world builder, and showrunner,” Stone said. “This next chapter promises to be very fulfilling and prolific for both Akiva and Weed Road. We are honored to be part of it!”

Goldsman is also represented by Hansen Jacobson Teller’s CAA and Barry Littmann and Steve Warren.

Akiva Goldsman Signs TFC Administration – Deadline

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