After two years, a crowd of downtown shoppers are excited to go back to this Black Friday – CBS Chicago.

Chicago (CBS) — A crowd of holidays flooded downtown Chicago all day and at night. Black friday – In a way you haven’t seen in two years.

As CBS 2’s Jermont Terry reported, there was a constant flow of people along roads such as Michigan Avenue and State Street. The consensus between them seemed to be that after spending a lot of fulfilling time with the family, they felt safe enough to venture and enjoy all Black Friday deals.

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On State Street, shoppers enjoyed the accompaniment of musicians playing the good old Chicago blues. However, the thousands of people who went to Black Friday did not find the blues in an emotional sense.

“Everyone is happy to be back,” said Janese Robinson. “As you know, last year was a tough year with COVID and everything. It’s like giving people a new state of mind.”

Compared to 2020, State Street was full because so many people felt confident shopping or just going out.

“It’s day and night,” said another shopper, Margulis. “It’s day and night.”

The Margulis family wasn’t too worried about the cold when they went out to the streets over a cup of coffee. Dad Aaron admitted that even the attitude of the people warmed his heart this year.

“Everyone is very friendly. No one yells at this year. It’s very comfortable and wonderful,” he said. “People are opening the door for everyone. This year is a friendly experience.”

Staying away from people for a long time brings better appreciation to a crowd of strangers.

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“Yes, it’s much more comfortable to get closer to each other,” said Larry Abdullah. “Now everyone is a little closer and not so afraid of everything.”

Abdullah, like many, was happy to visit Chicago for the first time since the pandemic, so he found some deals.

“I was indoors last year, so I couldn’t even meet my family last year,” he said.

That’s why he was excited to blend in with many strangers – and that feeling was interrelated.

“This year is great-great. The busyness of the city with lots of people,” Margulis said. “I miss it.”

“I’m not so shocked by the appearance of so many people because this is our job,” Robinson added. “It’s Chicago. Go out, baby!”

Terry noticed that Robinson wasn’t wearing gloves. But she didn’t care.

“You get used to it after a certain amount of time,” she said.

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However, I couldn’t deny that it was a little chilly on Friday night. But most of the time, I was happy that everyone could go out and look around. And it was good news for local businesses.

After two years, a crowd of downtown shoppers are excited to go back to this Black Friday – CBS Chicago.

Source link After two years, a crowd of downtown shoppers are excited to go back to this Black Friday – CBS Chicago.

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