After a shot was fired at the Eurostars Magnificent Mile Hotel following past criminal issues, city councilors want to get a license – CBS Chicago

Chicago (CBS) — A Chicago city council member says a hotel in River North is a magnet for crime – and he wants to get a hotel license after a weekend shooting.

Tara Molina of CBS2 investigated Eurostars Magnificent Mile Hotel, 660 N. State St. As Molina reported on Tuesday, this shooting violates the agreement between the hotel and the city. Criminal violation here.

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Part of the agreement was that you couldn’t stay in a hotel without having a gun and signing a document not to hold a party.

A bullet was fired at the hotel at 11:50 am on Sunday, and police dispatch voices indicated that the bullet had passed through the wall. Police did find damaged walls and headboards.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

Two men, 28 and 56, sought help. They said they heard a loud noise, but they didn’t know who was behind the shooting.

The dispatch voice showed that the man who called the front desk after hearing the shot was put on hold.

This incident follows the months of problems that CBS2 pursued here. This includes criminal offenses such as:

• Smoking cannabis on the premises.
• Exacerbation of illegal use of weapons.
• Armed robbery.
• Illegal narcotics.
• Criminal sexual assault.
• Household battery.

These violations and other illegal activities led to the disciplinary hearing we first spoke to you. Back in april, And a $ 10,000 fine During September..

We also learned about the conditions that hotel operators must agree to to stay open. It also included requesting guests to register at the front desk and sign “no party policy” and “no gun policy” documents, as well as immediate notification to the CPD of illegal activity and weapons.

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Other provisions included a ban on cash payments for rooms, a ban on guest use of balconies in rooms, and 24/7 property licensing and secured security requirements.

So what’s next, as the shoot here technically broke that agreement?

Aldo’s office. Brendan Riley, 42, said Riley had reached the city’s Legal Department and the Consumer Protection Agency and demanded that Eurostar’s license be revoked for violating the terms of the shooting agreement.

According to Riley’s office, the hotel has signed an operating plan with the city and deliberately violated it.

But for now, those city halls only tell us what they know, and violations are considered by the mayor’s license discipline committee.

The Department of Commerce and Consumer Protection has issued the following statement:

“For the past year, the City of Chicago has received several complaints and referrals related to crime, public security and nuisance issues at the Eurostars Magnificent Mile on 660 N State St. In response to these issues, Chicago Business Affairs & Consumer Sector Protection (BACP) worked with the Chicago Police to take enforcement action and attempted to work with the facility to mitigate the problem. The problem remained unresolved and the city of Chicago notified the Eurostars Hotel of a hearing. By submitting, you have started the license discipline process.

“On September 1, 2021, the City of Chicago reached a settlement with Eurostars Magnificent Mile. Under the agreement, Eurostars will pay a fine of $ 10,000, including numerous provisions related to security, uptime and noise levels. Signed a revised operations plan and a nuisance mitigation plan, in which Eurostar worked with BACP and the Chicago police to notify authorities of any illegal activity and to bring the hotel’s camera to the Emergency Management Communications Bureau’s video surveillance network. You are also required to link to.

“BACP was noticed by the Chicago Police Department on Sunday, December 5th. License violations resulting from the incident will be reviewed for license discipline before the Mayor’s License Disciplinary Commission (MLDC).”

Molina also contacted the Illinois Hotel & Lodges Association on Tuesday morning. The organization did not provide any specific comments regarding Eurostars, but President and CEO Michael Jacobson made general comments on crime reports at hotels in Chicago.

“We have heard from both city officials and hotel members that crime reports in the hotel have declined in recent months, as they are related to activities within the hotel. Obviously, criminal activity in the city. Remains a challenge, but we continue to work with civil servants on larger non-hotel issues to keep our employees and customers safe. “

We did not answer questions from Eurostars late Tuesday and did not answer past reports.

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At the end of Tuesday, no archers were in custody. Area 3 detectives are continuing their investigation.

After a shot was fired at the Eurostars Magnificent Mile Hotel following past criminal issues, city councilors want to get a license – CBS Chicago

Source link After a shot was fired at the Eurostars Magnificent Mile Hotel following past criminal issues, city councilors want to get a license – CBS Chicago

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