Afghanistan Crisis Leads Some Refugees to Chicago – CBS Chicago

Chicago (CBS) — Chicago’s refugee organizations are preparing for influence as the turmoil continues in Afghanistan.

Asal Rezai of CBS2 reports that the number of Afghan refugees is expected to surge in the coming weeks.

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Refugee organizations across Chicago are now focusing on ensuring that everything is in place for Afghans seeking and willing to seek refugees.

RefugeeOne We are working with other organizations to prepare for the surge in refugees from Afghanistan.

“The situation is changing every day in Afghanistan, and the situation is really tragic, do you know? Here are individuals who have already been welcomed by Afghanistan in the last few years and still have families.” Said Jim Porter of the organization. “So there is a lot of uncertainty about whether they can leave the country.”

Jims Porter is responsible for advocating Refugee One in Chicago. He said they were capable of helping at least 700 refugees if they could get here.

“We look forward to seeing influxes and individuals from Afghanistan,” Porter said. “Some come as refugees, but the majority will come as special immigrant visa holders. We call them SIVs.”

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SIVs are usually those who have assisted US troops abroad, as interpreters, guides, or secretaries, and taking them out of Afghanistan is a top priority.

It’s the same story Middle East Immigrant and Refugee Alliance, Said they expect the refugee surge to resemble the crisis in Syria and Iraq about 10 years ago.

“We started in the same situation that the SIV came from Iraq between 2008 and 2009,” said Laura Youngberg, executive director of the organization. “So we may know that many Americans work as interpreters, but the same kind of process of helping people who know I’ve never been here. We are really preparing, and our system is very different. “

For now, these organizations are working together to help families already here to reach out to families abroad.

“One of the gentlemen we work with him and his wife and children has recently been in America. They have been here for over five years. But his wife and daughters, everything happens. I was actually visiting Afghanistan last week, so we’ve been trying to work with US intelligence, “says Porter.

The Middle East Immigrant Refugee Alliance has added the ability to support up to 1,000 refugee families. The families are located in affordable homes in the city.

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Uncertainty still lies in when and how they can take their families from Afghanistan to Chicago.

Afghanistan Crisis Leads Some Refugees to Chicago – CBS Chicago

Source link Afghanistan Crisis Leads Some Refugees to Chicago – CBS Chicago

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