Activision Blizzard employees reveal plans for strike

Staff striking in protest of leadership and harassment proceedings

Employees of Activision Blizzard announced today that they will strike in protest of the publisher’s leadership.

A strike is a call for publisher leadership to improve the working conditions of a company.

The face-to-face strike will take place on July 28th, from 10 am to 2 pm, at the Blizzard Campus in Irvine, California.

Employees also issued an official strike statement. Their statement for leadership calls for:

  • Termination of mandatory arbitration clauses in all current and future employee contracts. The staff concerned said such provisions “protect the abuser and limit the victim’s ability to seek compensation.”
  • Review of company policy regarding recruitment and promotion policies to “improve employee representation at all levels”. Staff also seek an organization of company-wide diversity, fairness and inclusiveness within the company to approve the new policy. The statement adds: “Current practices make women, especially color women and transgender women, non-binary people, and other alienations vulnerable to sexism who are not fairly employed for new roles compared to men. The group that was done. “
  • Activision Blizzard empowers this DE & I organization to hire publisher executive staff, a human resources department, and a third party to audit the reporting structure. This is described as “essential” in identifying how the current system “could not prevent employee harassment.” Audits also propose new solutions to address the problem at hand.
  • For Activision Blizzard to publish data on salary ranges, promotion rates, and relative compensation for employees of all genders and ethnicities, including stock grants and profit sharing. Staff claim that current practices “lead to the aforementioned groups not being paid or promoted fairly.”

The strike organizers also said they are urging those in solidarity to donate to one of the following charities:

Protest follows when news California Fair Housing Employment Department sued company For fostering a culture in which women are harassed and discriminated against.

yesterday Open letter signed by current and former staff He blamed the company for its response to recent proceedings.In addition, former Activision Blizzard executives I apologize for the failed woman..

this is This is the second time Activision Blizzard has seen a strike In less than two years following Blizzard’s 2019 backlash against Blizzard’s decision to ban professional Hearthstone players from ongoing tournaments by expressing support for Hong Kong protesters.

Activision Blizzard employees reveal plans for strike

Source link Activision Blizzard employees reveal plans for strike

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