A year later, a relative celebrating his family died in a tubing accident in North Carolina. “I’m completely at a loss”

Chicago (CBS)- Today is the 1st anniversary Tragic tubing accident Five people were killed in Eden, North Carolina.

On June 16, 2021, a family of nine tubed on the Dan River in North Carolina. Only four survived. He died from the suburbs of Palatine and the Laporte region of northwestern Indiana.

A family of people in the Palatine region spoke with Susanne Lugnot of CBS2 in an exclusive interview about their sorrow. And how they honor their loved ones and help others.

Bridget Riley had a picture of his daughter, Bridget Crawford. Her 27- and 7-year-old son, Isaia Crawford, died last June in a tube accident on the Dan River in Eden, North Carolina.

“I’m completely at a loss,” Riley said.

Bridish and Isaiah are both from Palatine and moved to North Carolina last year. They tubed on the Dan River with a few families just a month after moving to the Dan River. Only 4 out of 9 survived.

“She was not only my daughter, but also my friend. We were an intimate family,” Riley said.

Le Mignot met his family at Palatine’s Orsage Park. This place was often used by the British to celebrate the lives of their deceased loved ones.

Riley remembered Bridish on Thursday and said it was ironic to be there.

“It’s difficult,” she said.

The family did not know that the river they were tubing was on a dam trail near the Duke Energy power plant. Some were helplessly watching their loved ones be pulled down and never surfaced. Among them was Teresavi Jano, who was 6 months pregnant. Her niece, Irene Villano, survived.

“We couldn’t do anything. It was too late,” Irene said.

The four survivors were held on the dam wall for more than 19 hours before being rescued. After the tragedy, Duke Energy put up a sign saying “Dangerous, submerged dam. Keep away.”

In a statement, the company said there were signs at the time of the incident. A spokeswoman did not comment on what these signs were saying.

“These dams, people need to be aware of them. They … shouldn’t kill their families because of the dams,” Riley said.

The family said they wanted to see change after this tragedy. They plan to create a website that shows where all the dams are located across the country. They are also creating a non-profit organization that provides grief counseling resources to help families of those who have lost their loved ones in a tubing accident.

“From what I did in my research, I can see that not all the dams there are recorded,” said Bridish sister Raven Winfrey. She said, “Sometimes there is no sign. Just looking at what says” Dam Ahead “is not enough to tell you that it can be dangerous. It can be a potential death trap. I was trapped when they got out there. “

Bridish’s best friend, Maya Suggs, said praising Bridish’s memory through dam safety awareness and nonprofits is a very worthy compliment to the woman who gave much.

“She was just a caring person. She didn’t want anyone … she never wanted to be malicious to anyone. She was always for everyone and for everyone. I wanted the best of all, “she said.

“We have to be a voice for those who don’t have them anymore. It’s my sister, my nephew, and their deceased relatives,” says Bridish sister Maria Winfrey. I did.

On Saturday, the family will meet at Palatine’s Orsage Park from 3 pm to honor Bridish and Isaiah, and will release a lantern at 8:30 pm.

A year later, a relative celebrating his family died in a tubing accident in North Carolina. “I’m completely at a loss”

Source link A year later, a relative celebrating his family died in a tubing accident in North Carolina. “I’m completely at a loss”

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