A reindeer that once roamed Illinois.10 Fun Facts About Hoofed Heroes During the Holiday Season | Chicago News

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For immortal animals in literature, songs and movies, reindeer did the amazing job of flying under radar and forgiving puns.

of course, Chicago invented RudolphBut how well do we know these creatures? Separate facts and fiction:


Will it shine? no. but, Reindeer’s special nose Is one of its most attractive features. Completely covered with hair, it can warm the frigid air before it hits the lungs. They are the only members of the deer family with this trait.

What is flying.

Obviously, it’s fully configured. They may not be able to orbit the entire globe overnight, but reindeer cover serious ground and sometimes travel 3,000 miles.

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Here is a grain of truth. Reindeer are the only domesticated deer species and sledging is entirely within their potential workload.


It’s in the stadium. Reindeer roam the forests of the Arctic tundra and Scandinavia, northern Russia, Iceland, Greenland, Alaska and Canada. However, millions of years ago, in the Pleistocene, reindeer were found in the glacier-covered state of Illinois at the time. The Illinois State Museum has an ancient jawbone excavated from a swamp in Kendall County, proving it.

There is northeastern Reindeer variants It occupies further south territory, but is rarely found in the United States these days.

The sound of those hoofs.

It’s true. According to the San Diego ZooThe reindeer hooves make a loud clicking sound as the tendons slide over the bones of the foot. Adaptation is believed to help them hear and track each other in a dazzling snowstorm.


no. Do you want to leave a treat for Santa’s team? Set some moss. Reindeer also eat herbs, ferns, grass, leaves and lichens — as much as 9-18 pounds of forage per day.

Caribou, who?

To-may-to, to-mah-to. Reindeer and caribou are almost compatible terms and refer to the same animal (genus and species, Rangifer tarandus). Europeans say “reindeer”. North Americans distinguish between wild reindeer and domesticated reindeer.

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In fact, it is not the largest predator of reindeer. The distinction usually belongs to the golden eagle when it comes to calves. Gray wolves, brown bears, Arctic foxes, mountain lions, coyotes and lynxes are other threats. Then add the human to the list. Excessive hunting, logging and climate change have caused population decline.

Reindeer game.

Reindeer are fairly social creatures, hanging in swarms that can sometimes swell to hundreds of thousands. But if they lock the antlers, it’s usually not a playful sign, but a couple of men who are sometimes fighting to death to get the attention of females. That’s why the reindeer “squid game”.


If you had Santa and the magical reindeer delivered the present with a sleigh, the team would all be female. At least the Dasher, Dancer, Co drawn so far. According to all images of. Male reindeer lose their antlers before Christmas, and female reindeer hang on the antlers until spring.

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A reindeer that once roamed Illinois.10 Fun Facts About Hoofed Heroes During the Holiday Season | Chicago News

Source link A reindeer that once roamed Illinois.10 Fun Facts About Hoofed Heroes During the Holiday Season | Chicago News

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