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When it comes to gifts, we often think along the lines of gift cards, flowers, candies and chocolates. While those items delight the classic crowd, skin care is also a great gift.

Here’s a practical gift for all skin care fanatics on your list, from mask lovers to eye cream lovers.

One of the most important needs of women’s skin care routines is quality Facial wash.. Give her something that she will be grateful for in the long run. Look for an affordable option with minimal chemicals (so that she can repurchase when she likes it).

A cleansing set gift that includes a moisturizer, mask and pore extractor is also a great way to take your gift to the next level.

Are you looking for a chic stocking stuffing to complete your gift list?please think about it Face roller!! Face roller Makes wrinkles and wrinkles less noticeable and relieves plump and tired skin.

For best results, experts recommend pairing the rollers with skin oils and active sera.

At the end of a long day, women love how to quickly wipe off the makeup of the day before cleansing and jumping into bed. Cleansing pad It helps to exfoliate the skin, regulate oil production, and easily tone the skin. NS 2 pack These are great gifts with a skin care theme.

Designed to help shine women’s skin, Activation of beauty essence Rich in vitamins and other essential oils, it quickly hydrates skin cells. Effect? An anti-aging look that immediately feels soft and smooth on her skin.

Clay mask Great for drawing oil from her skin and preventing acne that forms when pores are clogged with excessive oil or dirt. What to tell her when giving a gift: Experts recommend Women wear Clay mask Use within 15 minutes, 3 times a week or less. When shopping, look for masks containing hyaluronic acid or alpha hydroxy acids for best results.

Brush set

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Beautiful makeup and face design starts with quality brush.. A quality set will help you apply the mess of foundation, powder, eyeshadow, bronzer and teak sens. plus, brush Makes blends and applications more seamless and gives her a smooth and clean look.

If you had to pull all night, you’re probably familiar with the mysterious powers eye cream— Buy ​​the right brand and you’ll be a lifesaver.

eye cream Is made with vitamins and other ingredients that have been proven to target bulges, fine lines, dark circles, and dryness. A solid product rejuvenates the skin and gives her the most energetic feeling (and looking!) A shine!

During the day, our bodies simply protect ourselves. At night, it switches to repair mode. (They don’t call it just “cosmet sleep”!) Would you like to help your donor overdrive their skin repair with an overnight exfoliating treatment?

Exfoliating treatment Removes dead skin cells from the exodermis layer. One thing to keep in mind: Exfoliating treatment should be done correctly so she doesn’t hurt her skin. American Academy of Dermatology provides a guide here..

Speaking of sleep Sleep mask It will be an excellent stocking stuffing. Many options are breathable, lightweight and affordable. In addition, some can be refrigerated due to the “extra cooling effect”. This can be a hot sleeper game changer. A method like Audrey Hepburn is also very chic.

Give away skin care products (or two!) That will help you build confidence and keep your face fresh and beautiful this holiday season.

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A practical skin care gift she will love | Lifestyle

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