A mysterious “flying white circle” recorded in New Jersey

Paterson, NJ (Patterson, NJWPIX) — On Monday night, a mysterious pattern of light in Paterson, NJ caused a bit of turmoil with the inhabitants of the ground trying to understand unidentified flying objects.

Ground-based resident Luis Stevens, who is filming the spectacle, said he had lost a number of what he called a “flying white circle,” which he said was transformed into various shapes.

“You see it on YouTube, and it’s always somewhere in the Nevada desert,” Stevens said. “The impact of it is more similar, is this really true? So are we really seeing what we think we are seeing?”

According to Stevens, a mysterious light dazzled the downtown Patterson sky for more than five minutes. The object has finished running over the nearby Garrett Mountain.

WPIX has sent a video to the Federal Aviation Administration for review by staff checking in to a local air traffic controller.

The FAA said “nothing has been reported.”

Especially while ground theory is currently rampant Government report released in the summer Intelligence officials admit that they can’t explain such sophisticated movements in the sky — one likely scenario involves drones.

“At first, I was a little confused,” said Victor Chu, a New York-based drone expert who watched the video. Chu is the founder, director and executive producer of. Sky Tech One, The drone video and photography company behind a number of award-winning works. Based on his knowledge, Chu believes that the flying object was part of a failed drone light show practice session.

“When I watch the light show, they’re all synchronized together and controlled by a computer,” he said. “When I watch the video, it looks a bit scrambled, but I can see that it’s mostly in formation.”

It remains completely unknown whether they are drones or something else. The city’s public security bureau did not respond to requests for comment.

FAA staff will inform the general public of this type of activity. National UFO Reporting Center.. Those who feel that the above activities are endangering them or their property are urged to call local law enforcement agencies.

A mysterious “flying white circle” recorded in New Jersey

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