A bad start destroys the Blackhawks with an opening knight loss to Avalanche

Denver – During the 2020-2021 National Hockey League season, there was no doubt that the new-looking Blackhawks team would be tested right from the gate.

They start the campaign with three consecutive road games. Two of them will face last season’s division champions. Their opening round took place in Denver against Colorado Avalanche, a common pick to win the Stanley Cup at the end of the season in early summer.

So Jeremy Colliton’s club was going to fill their hands to start their 82 game season on Wednesday night, and they weren’t lying.

Avalanche arrived at the Blackhawks in the first 10 minutes of the game and scored three goals that would make a 4-2 win difference to start the season at the ball center on Wednesday night.

After a rough start, they were able to stabilize, but the Blackhawks couldn’t make up for the deficit as they lost the season opener for three consecutive seasons.

“When they scored their first goal, I felt the game was out of control for most of that first period, and then we’re in a big hole,” said Starter Colliton. rice field. “It’s hard to get back to the good team they are. After all, I think their rush attack didn’t do a very good job.

“We didn’t have enough guys and I thought the guys we came back to couldn’t organize the rush well. They had a high quality of opportunity in the scoring situation. I was able to do.”

Jack Johnson took the puck around Center Ice, free-skated at Marc-André Fleury, scored without competing for the first goal of the game, and started for Colorado. Avalanche added a lead at 1:22 when Gabriel Landescog fired a long shot behind the net to make it 2-0.

In less than four minutes, Bowen Byram fired at the top of the net, beating Fleury in the first half of the first period, with a third goal.

The Blackhawks regained one goal later in the period as Dominique Kubalik scored the first goal of the season to 3-1.

Second, the Blackhawks had a shot to narrow the lead with two big chances by Kirby Dach. He shot a clean shot on the left net after having a breakaway rejected by Darcy Kumper, which was also stopped by the goalkeeper.

Shortly thereafter, Nazem Kadri added a fourth goal for the Colorado night.

“That’s the worst,” said Miss Duck. “Scoring them could be another game. It’s to me. That’s been my problem for the last few years. You’re asking quite a lot about it, so I understand something. And start scoring goals. “

Connor Murphy scored a second goal in the second half of the third period, but wasn’t enough to get past the Blackhawks’ bad start and score points at the opening knight.

“I thought we got better as the game progressed, but again, it was difficult to dig ourselves out of the hole,” Colliton said.

A bad start destroys the Blackhawks with an opening knight loss to Avalanche

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