A 15-year-old boy committed suicide after relentless cyberbullying. His parents say the Latin school may have done more to stop it.

Chicago (CBS) –A 15-year-old boy named Nate Bronstein was enrolled in one of Chicago’s most famous private schools and had a future. That is to say, his parents were victims of relentless cyberbullying by his classmates.

Nate took her life.

And in an exclusive interview with CBS2 investigator Megan Hickey, his parents claim that the Latin school in Chicago may have done more to stop it.

Rose and Robert Bronstein never understood that they were talking about their son Nate in the past tense.

“I can’t handle it yet,” Rose Bronstein said.

“He definitely wanted to go to a college with a lot of sports,” said Robert Bronstein.

“He liked to make people laugh and make himself laugh,” Rose continued.

And about the school, she added, “It’s a toxic culture, so toxic that we lost our son.”

Bronstein’s 10th grade was a very sharp and funny kid. Pillar of a family of five. He was a new transfer student to the Latin School of Chicago at 59 W. North Blvd last fall. On the Gold Coast.

But he was bullied by his classmates and didn’t want to live to see his future.

“That’s why we were completely surprised at this because it was kept away from us,” said Robert Bronstein.

Bronstein was concerned that his son would adapt to the new school. According to a 68-page proceeding just filed in the Cook County Circuit, they repeatedly expressed concern to their managers.

However, according to Filing, they did not know the extent of cyberbullying that plagued Nate.

But Bronstein says that Latin did.

“If Latin did their job and reported to us what happened at school, our son would still be alive today,” Rose Bronstein said.

Bronstein, student dean, on December 13, 2021, to report that several students were bullying him via a text message thread and Snapchat provided by Nate to CBS 2. He says he wasn’t informed that he asked for a meeting with.

According to the proceedings, one of those snapchats urged Nate to commit suicide. Another used a phrase that was understood to be an indirect threat of killing.

According to Filing, the Dean listened, but did not take disciplinary action.

And just a month later, Nate’s father found him hanging from the shower in his bathroom. His rope was wrapped around his neck.

Again, he was only 15 years old.

“We would have known, and we would have protected him, and he would be here today,” Rose Bronstein said.

Only after Nate’s death did the family notice texts, Snapchats, and provocations from another Latin parent. And that’s a problem — a legitimate issue in Illinois.

Illinois State Parliament Public Law 098-0669 We require that all schools in the state, including private schools, have anti-bullying policies.

The policy should include information on how to report and investigate bullying. In addition, bullying cases should be reported to the parents concerned.

“When an incident of bullying is alleged, they are to notify the parents of both parties involved,” said one of the country’s leading experts on the state’s anti-bullying law and its effectiveness. Wit Mendes said.

Vitto Mendez confirmed that Latin is legally required to report a meeting to Bronstein.

Anna DiPronio Mendez is the Secretary-General of the American Association Against Bullying and can talk about why notifications are so important. Her son Daniel’s school knew about his bullying, but she was never notified until he killed himself in 2009.

He was just 16 years old.

“One of the biggest regrets I’ve lived with to this day is why I wasn’t contacted and why I wasn’t told,” she said.

In the weeks and months after Nate’s death, students, parents, and even current employees of the school told their families that they were not alone about the suspicion of concealment culture in Latin.

You don’t have to look farther than Instagram to see public testimony about its effect.

The survivor of the Latin Instagram account was a public account with nearly 3,000 followers. According to the author, the 121-page story includes “anti-blacks, alien exclusion, racism, classism, sexual assault, homosexual disgust, transphobia, and misogyny.”

The Instagram page was deleted on Monday night, The survivors of the Latin Facebook page remained the same..

“See, our son is 15 years old and his perception of what he can and cannot happen is not always accurate, but that’s why policies exist and now laws exist. The school must make mistakes on the transparency side. ” Robert Bronstein.

To be clear, the family is not suing Latin for money. They promised to donate the money they earned through legal proceedings to anti-bullying and suicide prevention charities. They say they are talking because keeping silence downplays their son’s memory.

“I can’t allow this to continue because it happens to another child,” said Robert Bronstein.

Bronstein couldn’t see his son grow up. But they hope they may give other parents the opportunity to intervene.

“We need to be transparent when he was a student there, and then what they did and didn’t do,” said Robert Bronstein. Again, we are not going to be part of it. ”

We asked the Latin school some questions regarding the proceedings. The school issued the following statement late Monday:

“Our school community is deeply saddened by the tragic and untimely death of our students. It is a loss that affects our entire community. Our hearts are directed towards our families and theirs. Hope for healing and peace. However, allegations of misconduct by school officials are inaccurate and misguided in their case. School faculty and staff, as in this case, are compassionate in the interests of their students. At this time, I will not make any specific comments, but the allegations of this difficult issue have made the school proactive in responding to these unfounded claims by itself, its faculty and staff, and their staff. I will defend it. “

If you or someone you know is worried about suicide, you can contact the 24/7 Secret National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. You can also send a text message to HOME 741741 to access the Crisis Text Line, or you can access the following URL: Here For online chat.You can find more useful resources Here..

A 15-year-old boy committed suicide after relentless cyberbullying. His parents say the Latin school may have done more to stop it.

Source link A 15-year-old boy committed suicide after relentless cyberbullying. His parents say the Latin school may have done more to stop it.

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