8 mistakes to avoid when writing an essay

If you were a student now or in the past, you know how challenging writing assignments might be. For any student writing essays is a common task that makes them feel stressed from time to time. If you have faced anxiety because of fear of failing on your written assignments, you need to consider a working alternative. You can choose a reliable service that writes essays for you and buy essay from them. Such services save GPAs for thousands of students, and you would feel blessed after applying to their assistance.

There are several typical mistakes students regularly make when writing essays. We have collected and compiled them in the article below. Read on about the potential issues and do your best to avoid them in your writing.

Poor time-management

When students get assigned to write an essay on any discipline, they frequently avoid assuming time for completing the task. If you would not estimate how much time you would have to spend on writing, you are risking starting at the last minute. Such an approach would help you to train your time-managing skills to apply them in the future when you would be building your career.

Skipping teacher’s instructions

Some students fail on writing their essays because they avoid reading teachers’ instructions. This mistake is widespread. After you get manuals on writing an essay, you need to go through them patiently. Instructions on essay writing contain such vital data as word count, sources, topic suggestions, tone of voice, style, formatting requirements, etc. Students who are not reading teacher’s manuals very often have to provide double work rewriting their essays.

Avoiding preliminary researches

Some essays seem very easy to complete, so students skip the preparation step that includes sourcing relevant materials. However, preliminary research is a vital stage that must be done before writing an essay. It is recommended to take enough time to research various types of sources. It would help to make a list of essential sources and include their books, magazines, databases, podcasts, vlogs, blogs, and others.

Not detailed outlining

Students frequently skip the outlining stage that leads to unclear content with lousy structuring. However, you need to know that a precise outline would become a perfect canvas for any essay. Even a short text would be much readable with a proper structure. Make sure to add your paper with at least three standard sections: an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. Each unit must be added with notes, quotations, names of sources, etc. A vast outline may become a perfect first draft of your future essay. You would sufficiently economize your time for other favorite activities.

Not enough paragraphs

As explained above, any essay requires proper structure, and creating an outline must be a must for any written task. You need to divide your essay into paragraphs, as without them, the plain text would not be readable. A standard essay contains five paragraphs: one goes for an introduction, three – for the body, and one – for a conclusion. Note that each of the paragraphs must contain one core statement. To bind the paragraphs together, you need to use particular cohesive words.

Incorrect formatting

Several most common formatting types are frequently provided as a requirement in teachers’ instructions. These types of formats as APA, MLA, and Turabian/Chicago. According to each particular style of formatting, an essay has to have a proper style of title page, margins, font, and referencing style. These requirements are among the problematic parts for students as they assume learning many rules and details. If the text would not be formatted appropriately, you are risking getting a low grade.

Borrowed content

Plagiarism issues are among the hardest violations of learning rules. You have to make sure your text is unique and any section was not copied from other similar texts. It is not a good idea to look for essays on the same topics as yours on the web, copying them, and hoping your teacher would not find out you borrowed the paper. If you got caught on plagiarism, you would get the lowest possible grade. Of course, some information you might take from relevant sources, but it is vital to add quotation marks and references. To ensure your text is unique, you would require checking your essays on plagiarism using specific software.

Skipping the editing stage

Editing is among the most challenging stages of writing an essay. Many students are tending to skip proofreading because they feel tired after writing a volume text. However, without adequately polishing your text, you would not succeed in your tasks. You have to take at least half an hour to proofread your essay. It is vital to check the content and grammar. Make sure that your essay is cohesive and logical. Imagine reading your text from the side of an audience and ensuring the text is clear. Proceed with grammar, style, and spelling. Check the text word-by-word looking for possible mistypes or misspellings. It is essential to take care of punctuation.


When it comes to the most common mistakes, students make when writing an essay, you need to remember them and avoid them. Among the issues that lead to failures in writing are poor time management, skipping teacher’s instructions, avoiding preliminary research, not detailed outlining, not enough paragraphs, borrowing content, and ignoring the editing stage. By keeping in mind these crucial mistakes to avoid, you would make your essays much better.

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