8 cars collide in Burnside, 2 dead, 10 injured

Two people were killed and 10 injured when multiple vehicles collided in Burnside on the South Side Wednesday afternoon.

Around 5 p.m., firefighters responded to calls of several people injured in a crash near 87th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue, according to the Chicago Fire Department.

The stolen Dodge Charger was driving northbound on the southbound lane of Cottage Grove Avenue “at a very high speed” when it crashed into seven other vehicles near the Chicago Police Department’s 87th Street intersection. collided with David Brown said at a press conference at the scene.

The driver and passenger were confirmed dead after the vehicle was reported stolen in the southern suburb of Markham and caught fire, fire officials said. A gun was found inside the car, police said.

Ten people were injured and two died when multiple vehicles collided in Burnside on Wednesday.

Ten others, including children, were taken to several nearby hospitals. 4 were in severe to critical condition, 5 in good condition and 1 in normal condition.

An employee at an electronics store near the crash site said he heard what sounded like a loud explosion and then saw the car go up in flames.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said hearing the toll made her sick and felt the need to visit the site to warn residents to slow down on the road.

“When you’re driving at high speed and you hit someone, whether it’s a car or a pedestrian, your survivability is greatly reduced,” Lightfoot told reporters at the scene. “People have to slow down. I’m walking around town and I’m amazed by the amount of traffic and how fast people are driving. Take your foot off the accelerator and follow the local speed limit.” .”

Mr Brown agreed with the mayor’s plea and called on the driver to take personal responsibility. .

“I am praying for everyone who is in the local hospital tonight. We are definitely praying for the families who are staying up all night and we are praying for the deceased and their families.” said Lightfoot.

By: Tyler Paciak LaRiviere

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https://chicago.suntimes.com/news/2022/11/23/23476114/2-killed-10-injured-six-vehicle-crash-burnside-south-side 8 cars collide in Burnside, 2 dead, 10 injured

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