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Resistance bands are great fitness equipment. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from long, thin and thick loops to small loops, untied or unlooped straight bands, straight bands with handles at the ends, and even figure eight bands. There is. Depending on size and shape, it can work on almost any muscle group in the body. It’s also great for warming up your legs, glutglut, quadriceps, and hamstrings before you go out for a run.

How the resistance band works

The band provides gradual resistance: the more you pull the band apart, the more resistance you will generate. The thickness of the band can also determine the amount of initial resistance, and different sized bands or different configurations are suitable for working in different areas. Movements like squats, good mornings and lunges.

Don’t think of these as just lightweight workout tools. Some bands can provide up to 200 pounds of resistance. However, be aware that there is no standard rating system. Bands can be listed by static resistance level, dynamic range, or relative levels such as “light” or “medium”. Bands are often color-coded according to their degree of resistance, but because different brands use different color schemes, when choosing a set, compare resistance by weight or difficulty rather than color. Please give me.

Benefits of resistance bands

Perform multiple exercises

Resistance bands can be used to recreate many exercises performed on free weights and certain gym machines. You can wrap a band around the anchor point to perform a row of resistance or fly-to-cable changes. Stand in the middle and grab the handle or end to perform a bicep curl or tricep kickback and dumbbell variation. Alternatively, stand on the band and wrap it around your neck and shoulders for squat and barbell variations.

Provides constant tension

Because the resistance band provides resistance throughout the exercise, it puts a strain on the body even at the beginning of the exercise, and the band helps to load the body in different ways. This is a great change from the free weight routine and can even feel a bit safer depending on the exercise. If you can’t complete the rep, don’t worry about dropping them yourself.

Compact design

The resistance band requires very little space and is a great addition to your home gym. It’s also a great travel companion as it can be easily packed into your luggage or thrown into a gym bag for work trips or vacations.

Great tool for stretching, moving and rehab

Resistance bands can be used for full workouts and strength training, but they are also great tools for stretching, injury rehabilitation, and mobility work. It is gentle on the joints and helps provide a little or more resistance in strengthening the injury. Or use it as a tool to increase range and depth by stretching.

How to choose

As a fitness and health editor and runner, I had the opportunity to use many of these different brands in group fitness settings and home training. I have used resistance bands extensively for basic weight exercises, strength training, and injury rehabilitation. As a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, I used a variety of resistance bands with my clients to rehabilitate certain injuries and warm the lower body and back chain before aerobic exercise. The following bands offer a variety of sizes, configurations, tension options, and multiple price ranges, all of which have been used by many and have been positively reviewed. Based on our tests, research, and reviews, here is the best resistance band you can buy.

Wide range of choices

WODFitters Pull-up Assistance Band


$ 14.99

There are seven different bands that offer seven different resistance levels from £ 10 to £ 35 to 85 to 200, and these bands are diverse enough to find one (or more) suitable for your training plan. There is sex. Use them in your apartment and stand on them and wrap them around furniture, door handles, or wood to allow you to perform exercises in your workout. We used them while traveling and wrapped them around press fences and pull-down car roof racks without the problem of tearing the band. It is also effective for stretching. Prices range from $ 10 to $ 70, depending on resistance level.

Best grip

LIT method lighting resistance band

With two easy-to-grip foam handles and an anti-snap system, it’s ideal for exercises where you want to grip the handle rather than the band itself. Stand in the middle and grab the handle for biceps curl, triceps kickback, overhead press, etc., or wrap the band around the anchor and grab the handle for chest press, fly, row. I like that the band is quite resistant and doesn’t stretch over time. The range is somewhat limited. With a 30 lb or 50 lb resistor, there are only two options. Prices range from $ 19 to $ 25, depending on resistance.

Great for travel

Perform a better exercise mini-resistance band

Better performance

Wrap one of these mini-bands around your thighs and warm up your lower body with side steps, bridge bridge muscle bridges, and clam shells before you start your workout. Since there are four levels of resistance, you can increase the resistance as you change it according to the movement, or make it stronger or easier to move. It doesn’t take up much space, so it’s perfect for traveling. You can take it to the gym, work trips, vacations, etc. These are listed as relative resistance levels (“light”, “medium”, etc.) rather than equivalent numbers. You can get four bands for $ 18.

Most durable

Te-Rich Resistance Resistance Band

Choose a light, medium, or heavy resistance band depending on your workout. Due to the thick fabric construction of this set, it is extremely durable and will not wear or damage even after frequent use. Instead of a single long material, these are closed loops that are great for stabilizing your lower body during exercises such as squats, especially during injury rehab. The inside of the wide band is made of non-slip material, so you don’t have to worry about the band slipping or slipping on your ankles or thighs. It also comes with a mesh carrying case that is convenient to carry.

Most versatile

Whatafit Resistance Band Kit

For just $ 30, you’ll get £ 10, £ 20, £ 30, £ 40, and £ 50 resistance bands, two handles, two ankle straps, door anchors, and a storage bag. Depending on the exercise you’re trying to perform, you can easily fasten your favorite band to the handle or ankle strap or thread it through the door anchor. If you’re exercising a lot at home and can’t determine the size of the resistance band you need, this kit is a good choice as it offers multiple options. You can install multiple bands at the same time to increase the resistance level to over 50 pounds.

Ideal for rehabilitation

Theraband resistance band set

Cera band

$ 13.99

The set includes three different 5-foot long resistance bands in the resistance range of 3 to 6.5 pounds. The band is a single long piece of latex-free elastic resistance, so you can loop around the anchor. Tie them to anchors, fences, furniture, or handles. Or tie the band to itself, depending on what you’re trying to do. The low resistance, wide and supportive cut makes it the perfect tool for injury rehabilitation, stretching and mobility exercises.

Easy-to-use handle

SPRI Xertube Resistance Band

If you’ve taken Barry’s class, you’ve probably used this type of resistance band. This resistance band is made of a rubber tube with handles on both ends, making it durable and durable. There are five resistance levels, from very light to very heavy, which can be used for exercises such as side raises, tricep extensions, lunges, squat to press, front raises and chest flies. You can use your body as an anchor to download a PDF from the band’s .SPRI website, display the appropriate form, and experiment with different movements.

Great for yoga and pilates

HYPGN resistance band

Call all yogi and Pilates people! These figure eight bands can be easily incorporated into practice and add a bit of extra tension and resistance to enhance burning. Three bands with resistances of 30, 40 and 50 pounds are available so you can choose based on your level (beginner to advanced). It is also ideal for tightening your lower body with exercises such as rushing, fire hydrants, and kickbacks. The loop is easy to put your feet and hands in and has non-slip grips on both sides.

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8 Best Resistance Bands | Home Gym Equipment 2021

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