7 big data companies to consider

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The 2021 CRN emerging IT vendors you need to know are emphasizing providers focused on bustling channels. These big data companies need to be considered.

IT News and Analyst Outlet CRN recently released 2021 Emerging IT Vendors You Need to Know A special report, a list that sheds light on some of the vendors focused on the most exciting new channels. Providers featured in this area help create new solutions for businesses and opportunities for solution providers. This list falls into four categories: Emerging data center vendors, Emerging cloud vendors, Emerging storage vendors, When Emerging big data vendors..

Solutions Review tracks the solution providers that have the greatest impact on your enterprise. Therefore, I read through the 2021 CRN. Emerging IT Vendors You Need to Know Report, available here, And the seven profiled big data companies deserve additional consideration. For a more detailed breakdown of the best data management software Popular Buyer’s Guide..


Ahana provides big data analytics with features that allow users to perform ad hoc analytics on open source PrestoDB. Its main product is Ahana Cloud, a fully integrated managed service for AWS. This product features self-service SQL analysis for data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and product managers. It also includes managed services within VP, flexible data source and catalog integration, and Presto functionality as a data warehouse. Ahana Cloud can be purchased on a pay-as-you-go model, so you pay only for what you use.


Dremio offers a product called the Data Lake Engine that provides fast query speeds and a self-service semantic layer that works directly against the data lake storage. This solution connects to where your S3, ADLS, Hadoop, or enterprise data resides. Apache Arrow, Data Reflections, and other Dremio technologies work together to speed up queries, and the semantic layer allows IT to apply security and business implications. Users do not have to send data to Dremio or save it in their own format to access it.


Equalum provides an enterprise-class data ingestion platform for collecting, transforming, manipulating, and synchronizing data. This product effectively combines batch and streaming pipelines with modern data transformations and operations. Equalum touts an intuitive, user-friendly interface that allows users to build and deploy data pipelines with a coding-free approach. The solution also features a drag-and-drop UI that allows different user personas to configure, maintain, and derive insights from the Equalum platform.


Kyligence provides AI-based semantics as a valuable data service. This product provides users with an integrated view of data across their organization through AI extensions that intelligently identify, manage, and optimize data. Kyligence is available on-premises or in the cloud. A unique smart pushdown query routing engine retrieves data and serves queries from a variety of sources such as RDBMS, data lakes, and the cloud. It also reads data and metadata from these sources for further optimization.


Promethium provides an extended data management platform called a data navigation system. Designed with data analysts in mind, this product allows users to automatically discover, validate, and assemble data to deliver it to business intelligence tools. This product finds and matches the data needed to meet each user’s request. When complete, Promethium visually shows the user how to assemble the data, automatically generates SQL statements to retrieve the appropriate data, and queries across multiple repositories.


Starburst Data provides data access and analysis tools based on Presto. It provides a fast, interactive, enterprise-ready distribution of additional tools and configurations that allow data analysts to query a variety of data sources ranging in size from gigabytes to petabytes. This solution also often includes a cost-based query optimizer that improves the performance of Presto queries by an order of magnitude or more.


Terius provides a data analysis platform that utilizes search and AI. This product features a unique Genius AI engine designed to allow business users to ask questions about their data. Terius has natural language processing that allows you to interact with users in plain language, visualize data and create stories. The tool can also provide personalized recommendations by anticipating needs and automatically providing relevant insights and suggestions. Tellius is built on the Apache Spark distributed architecture.

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7 big data companies to consider

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