6m Battle for the Galaxy player data leaked via unprotected cloud server

WizCase security researchers recently discovered an unprotected ElasticSearch server with 5.9 million profiles published by AMT Games, a Chinese-based mobile and browser game developer. Battle for the Galaxy Players as well as 2 million transactions and 587,000 feedback messages.

Researchers have found that the data stored on the ElasticSearch server is unencrypted and passwords, even though AMT Games used the server to store profile information, payment history, and millions of feedback messages. I found that it was not protected by. Battle for the Galaxy player.

AMT Games Ltd. is a popular mobile and browser-based online game developer based in China, developing game apps for Android, iPhone, Steam, and web browsers. The popular games developed by the company include Battle for the Galaxy, Heroes of War: WW2 Idol RPG, Epic War TD2, And Trench assault..

According to researchers Unprotected ElasticSearch server It contained 5.9 million player profiles, 2 million transactions, 587,000 feedback messages, and transaction data such as price, purchased item, purchase time, payment provider, and possibly the buyer’s IP address. ..

The server also stores player profile data such as player ID, username, country, total amount spent on the game, and Facebook, Apple, and Google account data if the user links any account to the game account. I found out that. When malicious actors gain access to the published data, they can run spear phishing campaigns targeting online gamers and trick them into sharing their credit card information.

“Email addresses and specific details of user issues with the service, such as transactions and developer messages, allow villains to pretend to be game support and direct users to malicious websites to steal credit card details. “It is possible,” WizCase warned.

“Using data on the amount of money spent per account, these scammers are most likely children, judging by game history, time spent in the game, circle of friends in the game, etc. You can target high-value users. You’re even more likely to succeed than otherwise. These emails allow competing games to migrate users in ads and email campaigns. You may try to target it. “

Tim Mackey, Chief Security Strategist at Synopsis CyRC, commented on the exposure of yet another instance of a company storing large amounts of data in an unsecured database, and misconfigured databases were rampant. Therefore, make sure that some teams are using a secure configuration for their production system. There are several possible solutions, but one of the easiest is to define an exception-based update model for your configuration settings.

“This model performs an audit level review of the configuration data to create a set of approved configuration settings and files. To update previously approved settings, change at the same audit level. It needs to be reviewed and the current configuration is always validated against the approved settings.

“There are many technologies that can be used to implement exception-based updates, but this is when a well-defined process with automatic checking is far more valuable than a technology that implements a process. “He added.

According to Trevor Morgan, Product Manager at Comforte AG, online gamers should be careful when sharing personal data with game developers. A breach, cyberattack, or data breach is because data can fall into the hands of malicious actors.

“User-configured links—often using social media account credentials to create game accounts and profiles—capture much more useful information available to threat actors and cost a lot to the game. You can target users who spend money on games. Gamers need to be aware of the type of data they provide to their games, either directly or through account links, and are responsible to game developers and hosting companies to protect it. I have to bear it.

“On the other hand, gaming organizations need to take data privacy more seriously and incorporate more than a minimum level of security into their data infrastructure. Think about collecting potentially valuable data from users. They assume that their strategy needs to be data-centric and that threat actors may try to access a cache of this information, “he says.

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6m Battle for the Galaxy player data leaked via unprotected cloud server

Source link 6m Battle for the Galaxy player data leaked via unprotected cloud server

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