6 Breathtaking Backyard Design Ideas To Try Out

Your home is uniquely yours, from the way the exterior was built and how it looks, to how you have designed the interior to fit your personal tastes and preferences. Your backyard is no different, in that it is an extension of your home and should be unique from other backyards to reflect exactly your personality. Here are 6 ideas to help you design a breathtaking backyard.

Backyard Cinema

When you are looking for unique and different design ideas, consider transforming your backyard into a cinema. This can be done much faster and cheaper than most people anticipate. All you need to set up your own outdoor movie experience is a projector and screen. You want to get a projector of good quality, translating to a good screen resolution even at much larger screen size. Also consider the importance of the brightness and colors of your picture, as your movie nights may very well begin when the sun is still up, causing problems for projectors that don’t handle well with conflicting light. Of course, you want a sturdy and sizable screen. Other additions you need to include are speakers, as the audio on your projector, although handy in a bind or for smaller viewing parties, is not loud or crisp enough to provide the full movie experience. Be sure that your backyard has the room and capacity to host a movie night, with plenty of seating, food, snacks, and drinks to go around as well.

Outdoor Games

Your backyard can be used in a variety of ways, straying away from traditional uses like gardens or simply being barren. Consider installing different sports or activity equipment to create a unique backyard experience. This can include things like a basketball hoop or multi-purpose courts, but can also include different games. It is up to you and how you like to enjoy your time to set up your favorite games and make the most out of your backyard space. You can have equipment set up for games like bocce ball, horseshoes, cornhole as well, which also means that you can easily move your equipment and store them away when not in use. For added competitiveness, consider getting a large scoreboard in order to share your winning ways with all your visitors and invite new challenges of all kinds.

Barbecue And Bar

The backyard is prime real estate that you can use for hosting different gatherings and get-togethers. This includes hosting a slew of summer parties revolving around your barbecue. The main component of the barbecue should be the grill, with everything revolving around it. In addition to getting the right grill, you want to design a backyard that can accommodate the number of people you would like to host, from seating and table options. This ensures that no one is eating food off of their laps, and can fully relax. If you are looking for further additions, outdoor bars that are fully operational with a refrigerator and running water will make your parties epic and seamless, ensuring that you can continue your hosting and grilling duties without having to run in and out of the house for different drinks and supplies. Many different bar designs will ensure that your home and backyard are the places to be and the envy of the rest of your friends and families.

Retractable Roofing

Whether you are looking for ways to upgrade your current backyard layout or doing full renovations, one of the additions you should highly consider is a retractable roof. There are several reasons you might want to include this in your home. These are great for saving space and creating a multi-functional backyard. You can adjust your roof for the weather and sun conditions, ensuring that you have ample protection but also can pull your roof back in when it rains or snows, lessening the impact and weight on it. It is ideal to have retractable awnings in Columbus, Ohio, among other states, as property sizes are below average when compared to other areas. This ensures that you maximize the space you have, increasing your property value, without having to make any sacrifices with permanent installations.

Water Installations

A fantastic and unique design option is different water installations in your backyard as a means to create something out of the ordinary. Different water setups can complement just about any home and landscape design. If you own a pool already, adding a waterfall will help it stand apart from other generic pools, giving your backyard a unique aesthetic and visual appeal. For gardens and more serene settings, you can also look to install fountains or build a small pond. These options will give your home a visual component that ties in with nature. With a pond especially, you open up the idea of facilitating a new ecosystem for different creatures, organisms, and plants to grow. This also helps create an atmosphere in tune with those that want to practice more mindfulness in a natural setting.


One favorite design option for the backyard is the firepit. Having a fire pit built or installed in your backyard provides a great focal point for people to congregate around. This could lead to family weekends of making smores, romantic nights of cuddling around a fire with your partner, or a place for summer gatherings to wind down as the night begins to get a little chilly. A fire pit provides a sense of luxury to many homes and can be a central location to have your paths lead to. Of course, fire pits also work well with other additions and upgrades previously noted, such as barbecue grills and your patio design, or set up next to your home pool.


When you are looking for different ways to design your background, don’t feel contained or restricted by your design options. Explore ways to compliment what you already have on your property, and highlight your favorite installations. Be sure to be mindful of the space you have, as you want to ensure you have areas to comfortably maneuver and lounge. You can indeed have too much going on with your backyard if you are not mindful of your space available.

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