5 Database Systems Companies to Consider

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IT news and analytics outlets CRN Recently released 2021 (and 9th year) Big data 100, A ranking of prominent big data technology vendors that solution providers should know. This list is made up of established emerging big data tool vendors. This list is divided into five different product categories: Business analysis, Database system, Data management And Data integration Software, big data platforms, and Data science and machine learning tool.

CRN has pre-published a list of The coolest database system company Included in the entire list via an interactive slideshow. Big Data 100 aims to highlight software vendors looking to partner with solution providers, while Solutions Review is most interesting by highlighting vendors that offer their own products and platforms to their organizations. Thing. Therefore, I read the complete ranking of CRN. Available here, To analyze the trending database system companies that we consider most important.Popular for a more detailed breakdown of database system software, tools, vendors, and platforms Buyer’s Guide..


DataStax provides a distributed hybrid cloud database built on Apache Cassandra. The company’s flagship product is DataStax Enterprise. It’s a solution that makes it easy for enterprises to leverage hybrid and multi-cloud environments through the data layer, eliminating the complexity associated with deploying applications to multiple on-premises data centers or multiple public clouds. I will. Its enterprise data layer eliminates data silos and cloud vendor lock-in, enhancing mission-critical applications.


Neo4j provides a graph database that helps organizations understand their data by revealing how people, processes, and systems are related. Neo4j stores interconnected data natively, making it easier to decipher the data. Property graph models also allow organizations to easily evolve machine learning and AI models. The platform also supports high-performance graph queries for large datasets.

Redis Labs

Redis Labs is best known for Redis Enterprise, a database product that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises data centers using the latest in-memory technologies such as NVMe and PersistentMemory. The solution features native data structures and a variety of data modeling techniques such as streams, graphs, documents, and machine learning using real-time search engines. Redis has also been very successful in entering into strategic partnerships with vendors such as Pivotal and Red Hat.


SingleStore can capture and transform millions of events per day while analyzing billions of rows of data using standard SQL. It can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud via Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, or as a service that includes drop-in compatibility with existing middleware, integrations, and BI software. This tool provides excellent real-time data streaming capabilities and provides more efficient query isolation for large amounts of data and many users.


TigerGraph provides a graph database platform for enterprise applications. This product supports real-time deep link analysis for organizations with large amounts of data. TigerGraph can be used in applications such as IoT, AI, and machine learning to understand changes in big data. The solution also provides personalized recommendations, fraud prevention, supply chain logistics, and a corporate knowledge graph.

See all the top database systems companies in CRN Big Data 100.

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5 Database Systems Companies to Consider

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