5 Apps to Find Out The Credibility of a Phone Number

No one wants to be disturbed with an unknown phone number repeatedly. However, ignoring all the unknown callers is not possible as there is always a risk of missing some important calls as well. That is why we created this list of top 5 applications that help you find out the credibility of a phone number to avoid picking up unimportant calls.

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Here you can find all sorts of applications providing phone lookup services. Before we go ahead and start the list, here are a few things you should know about the phone lookup service.

What is a Phone Lookup Service?

A phone lookup is a tool that allows you to find information related to a phone number with a simple search. The idea was to provide a safe and effective place where anyone can search for the details of a phone number. Today, hundreds of platforms are offering phone lookup services to their clients. Surprisingly, these applications can show you the owner’s information along with the ratings associated with that phone number.

This data helps in finding out if it is a personal number or if some telemarketing company is using it to sell its products or services. It can also help you protect yourself from scammers and similar cases.

1.   CocoFinder

The first application to use a phone lookup service is CocoFinder. It is a safe, reliable, and effective platform where anyone can access public information within a few seconds. The database of this platform includes information related to a phone number, person, address, and email address. It has separate tools for each type of information to help you find the solution instantly.

The phone lookup feature of this platform is considered one of the best tools to find public information. The website is quite easy to use and there are no information trackers on the website. It means you can continue your search without worrying about your privacy. To keep it open for everyone, the website works without any registration process. You can simply visit and try this number finder with any name you want.

If you want to use its phone lookup services, you will need to click on the Phone Lookup option on the main page of the website. It will let you enter the phone number to perform a search. After a few minutes, you will get all the information about that phone number including that of its owner.


  • The website is free to use
  • You do not need any background knowledge to use the platform
  • It offers multiple tools to access public information


  • The platform can take a few minutes to find the information

2.   NumLooker

The next platform is NumLooker. Although it is a new platform, you can find some interesting data on the website. The best thing is that the platform focuses exclusively on phone lookup services, making it one of the best platforms to perform this search. The user interface is friendly as you will find the option on its homepage to search for the phone number.

Once you enter the phone number, hit the search button and it will search for all the information related to that phone number. In some cases, you can find additional details such as the age, alternative phone number, and address of the person who owns that phone number. However, it depends on the availability of the information and there is no guarantee that you will always find this information.

Still, the large database of this platform makes it a worthy participant of this list. You can check out its website and start searching for the phone numbers that look suspicious to you.


  • Fast and reliable phone lookup service
  • Focuses exclusively on phone lookup feature
  • Free to use


  • Not enough information on its database

3.   ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is another excellent platform to find the details of a phone number. The platform is quite advanced and offers different tools to find public information. It was introduced as a medium to eliminate the need to visit information centers. For all your queries, there is a tool where you can enter the phone number or person’s name to find the data.

As far as its phone lookup is concerned, you won’t face any problems with this platform. All you need is to access the tool by choosing the phone lookup option from its menu. You do not need much information as all it takes is the phone number to complete the search.


  • The search report of this tool includes social media profiles associated with that phone number
  • The large database increases the chances of finding the information you were looking for
  • The tool is free to use and works without a registration process


  • The website focuses more on people search tools instead of phone lookup.

4.   TruthFinder

TruthFinder is a paid solution to do the same work. With its membership, you get access to a database with millions of web pages. It means you will find the information in almost every search. The website is used by professional agents and researchers to find such information.

If you are interested in using a paid solution, this one is the best solution for you.


  • It offers professional phone lookup services
  • The user interface is quite engaging
  • You do not need to worry about the credibility of the information


  • You need to subscribe to a paid membership to access its services

5.   Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is the best application for beginners looking for phone lookup services. The website has a toll-free service where you can get all the support you need to perform a phone lookup. The database of the platform is quite impressive too.

You can trust this solution to offer some excellent services without taking much of your time. Learn more about the solution by visiting its website.


  • You can find details of any phone number
  • It works with virtual phone numbers as well as landline phone numbers
  • Offers 24×7 toll-free services for the support


  • The subscription is too expensive

Final Words

If you are also fed up with picking calls from telemarketers and scammers, using a phone lookup service is your best option. It offers a reliable way to check the credibility of a phone number within a few minutes. With solutions like CocoFinder and NumLooker, you can easily find the information you want.

You can also check premium platforms like TruthFinder, in case the above websites fail to deliver.

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