44 Lloyds Bank and Halifax branches closed

Two Yorkshire branches of Lloyds will be closed
Two Yorkshire branches of Lloyds will be closed

The bank has announced that it will close both the Lloyds Bank’s Leeds Horseforce and Morley (Leeds) branches.There are no plans to close Halifax Yorkshire branch.

The Unite union said the decision was “painful” for staff and customers and accused banks of “leaving” from the community.

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Lloyds said 29 Lloyds Banks and 15 Halifax branches will be closed, adding that customers are “significantly” reducing transactions at these locations.

Vim Maru, retail director of Lloyds Banking Group, said:

“This means that, like many high street companies, branches need to be modified for a future where they are used differently and are visited infrequently.

“This week we will continue to invest in our high street presence to open a new concept Bank of Scotland branch in Edinburgh, the only bank in the new St. James Quarter.

“It’s important to continue to choose the banking method of the bank, including phone banking, online banking, mobile banking, video appointment services, cashback through local shop programs, participation in the industry’s BankHUB cash initiative, and 11,500 postal services. At the bureau, customers can deposit in a bank and access cash. “

Caren Evans, Unified State Officer, said:

“The closure of an additional 44 bank branches will deny community-critical services such as cash access and experienced, highly trained staff.

“Local ATMs are not a good alternative to staffed bank branches.

“Recently, Lloyds has spent a great deal of resources marketing the message” helping the UK recover. ” As customers rely more on the support of the financial services sector, they seriously question how this decision to move away from the community facilitates this message.

“Unite does not consider a bank’s branch network to be a disposable product, and the union believes that the branch network has value far beyond its immediate commerciality. Unite is a branch of the Lloyds Banking Group. We want to invest in our network and promise to have a meaningful presence in the community. “

Lloyds said more than one-third of the closures were in or around branches in cities and large towns, with another branch “very close”.

He added that the group’s branches as a whole saw a 10% annual decline in transactions over the five years to March 2020, and a significant decline over the following year.

Nine out of ten customers have branches within five miles of their homes.

Martin McTagg, Vice Chairman of the Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises, said:

“Bank branches are not only important to those who are still dependent on cash, but are often the most vulnerable in society. Bank branches also act as a draw for shoppers, that is, the surroundings. It will be a stepping stone for SMEs. “

44 Lloyds Bank and Halifax branches closed

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