4 Benefits Of Switching To An Electric Dab Rig 

Dab rig technology and devices have been modified to suit the needs of modern cannabis consumers. These sophisticated electric-based units are elegantly designed after years of science-backed research into vaporizer usage to create seamlessly functioning devices. They also have new and exciting features that aren’t yet available in standard rigs found in the market today. 

So, if you’re wondering whether getting an electric dab rig is worth the price over settling for less expensive alternatives, you’ll need to know the value it presents to you. A better understanding of how e-rigs work will help you make an informed purchasing decision. 

Here are four benefits of switching to an electric dab rig: 

  1. Temperature Control 

E-rigs have enhanced the dabbing experience by giving you complete control over temperature and setting it to your preference. Some e-rigs units can even reach impressive temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius. These specialized heating options, according to https://www.drdabber.com/, help you manage the dosage and intensity of the concentrate and regulate it with the temperature adjustments. It also affects how much vapor is produced on each drag, all in a few seconds. 

What this means is with an electric dab, you no longer have to use a butane torch to light up as you would using a traditional rig. This is not only convenient but allows you to experiment with the heating system until you find the setting that gives you the best and most consistent dabs. 

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  1. Easy To Keep Clean 

Electric dab rigs were designed for ease of use and efficiency in retaining cleanliness. The e-rigs can be cleaned by detaching their parts and wiping them with a cotton ball dipped in isopropyl alcohol after each session, then leaving it to try before assembling it again. 

This is far quicker and easier than trying to clean common rings. As previously stated, it also produces cleaner concentrates because it doesn’t use flames that leave dirty residue behind. It can be especially frustrating if you favor burning flowers or herb-based cannabis products in your rig.

  1. Better Safety Measures 

Fire hazards have always been a safety concern with regular rigs due to the use of an open flame from a torch to heat them. Additionally, using butane to light up conventional rigs carries the risk of creating a chemical reaction that could combust and cause serious injury to anyone nearby. Fortunately, e-rigs have found a solution to this by eliminating the use of flames entirely.

 The units use an electric charge to switch on the interior heating element inside a chamber. The temperatures have been calibrated to the heat needed to melt the wax and convert the concentrate oil to vapor. 

What’s more, most electrical dabs come with thermal sensors and shutoff switch settings if the temperature of the device exceeds safety levels. This results in safer dabbing sessions for you and your company that you can enjoy without the threat of fire danger. 


  1. Easier And Discreet Portability 

Many e-rigs are compact in size and can be carried around in smart and sleek cases that fit into a travel-sized bag. This is on top of minimal accessories and attachments that you have to bring along, as electric dabs are created as singular units. The battery, glass, and heating elements are all built into the device. The most you’d need to carry is the charger which is only as big as a USB-C cable

They are far more portable than traditional rigs that may need spare tanks and butane torches that don’t fit into carry-on bags, nor are they permitted on most public transportation or flights. Thus, you can commute discreetly with your e-rig and without drawing attention.    


Advanced and innovative technology has evolved the common vaporizer into a smart electric dab device crafted with the consumer in mind and for ease of use. Thus, switching to one of these neatly designed models has major benefits for your lifestyle if you dab frequently. 

E-rigs offer you control over your concentrate and vapor potency while removing the need to use flammable accessories that pose a threat to your safety. 

They also can give you an easier means of transporting your unit and maintaining its good condition through regular cleaning. In the end, the best way to find out how suitable it is for your dabbing sessions is to test it out and compare the quality differences to your old devices. Remember the pointers given in this article, and you’ll surely witness that there’s no contest. 


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